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Chelsie S
How do I get a tiny piece of glass out of my foot?
I've tryed tweezers and i've had my foot in a bowl of luke-warm salt water for about 30 minutes.

It's agonising to walk on! Please help!!

one time i had a piece of glass in my foot. it was about as big as a grain of rice. i went to a doctor, he would not try to get it out. he said it would have to come out on its own. about 2 weeks later , it did. i was putting on a sock and i felt it snag the sock. it was sticking out a little bit. i scratched at it, and it came out.

i was upset that the doctor would not try to get it out. he said it wouldnt show up on an x-ray, and he would make the injury worse by cutting and digging around looking for it.

after about 2 days from first injury , it quit hurting. i could walk fine, and had forgotten about it.

Take a yoke of an egg, add a teaspoon of salt, mix together, put it on where the piece of glass is, bandage it and wait a few days and see if it will draw the glass out, if not, go to a doctor!

If the tweezers don't work, ask someone to help you with a magnifying glass to see if they can do it. If not of the Clinic.

there isnt much you can do, glass eventually works its way to the surface and then you can get it out, good luck

Put a strong sauve on it, like the kind people use for really bad pimples and stuff. It will draw it out of your skin enough to pull it out, don't walk on it if you can help it, that will only further imbed it into your foot.

Grainov Truth
Maybe it is something YOU cannot do because you can't contort yourself over well enough to get a good look and relax the foot muscles at the same time. You need a bright light to see what you are doing. Time to get out that bottle of whiskey and call a friend over to do the tweezer digging or go to a "crawl in" clinic.
Next time be sure the piece is bigger.

I've used a salve type product called "Prid" that is available at pharmacies as over the counter. Sometimes I get small splinters or thorns that I just can't remove. I put Prid on it and a bandaid. It causes the area around the object to fester up a little. Then just a slight squeeze and it pops right out with no problem.

Tony Vas
Have someone do it for you, a friend or family member. I agree in having them use a magnifying glass or a pair of those cheap magnifying reading glasses. Please tell them to first sterilize the tweezers, and clean both their hands and the area of your foot where the glass is. They should carefully pull away the skin as well as they can, they look in to get the glass out, they of course when they are done to simply put some neosporen and a band-aid on it........Good Luck

M.S. Mom
This is going to sound odd but it works. Try spreading ELMER'S glue on your foot and let it dry then just peel it off. I know it works with splinters in the hand, so maybe it will work for your foot.

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