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 What is the main reason for young people to start smoking?

 Does anyone else have a headache at the moment?
ugh my brain is pounding against my skill!!!!...

 Is this normal in anyway?
I normally smoke about 2 packs a day, when I go to the bar, I smoke about 4 packs in one night, is this normal?...

 I was sprayed with mace by accident. whats the best remedy for stopping the burning in my eyes and skin?

 Do you think tobacco industries are to blame for people smoking? If yes why?

 Does an energy drink make you run to the bathroom (for #2)?
I don't know if it's just me but MANY times, when I drink an energy drink, like Monster or Rockstar, it makes me run to the bathroom for the purpose of "#2." So when I have ...

 My finger is swollen from a cat bite, is it infected?
I got bit yesterday morning by my brother psycho cat. She bit the very top fold of my index finer and it's now very swollen and sore. Is this normal? There are no signs of discoloring or pus or ...

 Fingernail question?
i slammed the door on my finger and now underneath my nail it is all black. What is the best way to cure my fingernail? Is my fingernail going to come off? How do I take away the pain?...

 Do you belive in God? the creator of the universe?

 Does any one know how to make it look like i dont have a black eye ?
I got beat up on my way home from skool and i have a black eye any one know how to make it look like i dont have one plz ...

 What's the quickest way to heal a cut (minor)?

 What happens when a person on an airplane crossing the ocean gets sick ...?
...which requires immediate hospitalization? Let's say having a heart attack. And the plain is 4 hours away from the closest shore, do they just let that person die?
Additional Details<...

 What is the safest way to stitch up your own open wound?

Additional Details
Blackjanuary: Is fishing string flexible enough?

Sunny: I needed a new technique. The old school stuff didnt work well at all.

I know there ...

 How do i get water out of my EAR?
its been in my ear for about 3 days, and it just recently got worst right after i took a shower.this feeling is very uncomfortable its also giving my problems with my hearing. i tried that vinegar ...

 How does weight lifting cause your muscles to grow?

 Lice and Zombies... If the lice are munchin' on the zombies noggin' then we get zombie lice... Right?

 Is it better to work out after you eat dinner or before?

Additional Details
Wow! Thanks, y'all. I think I'm going to start working out in the morning before breakfast. I didn't know it raises your metabolism all day!...

 How do we convince these teenagers, that they can get hurt on line?

 My puppy has just been stung by a bee. Any advice on what to do?
I am waiting for the emergency vet to ring me back. She keeps wimpering and wont sit still.
Additional Details
Thanks for the answers so far. ...

 I can I cure gout?
its in feet and ...

How can i make my baby fat and big?

Do you have any baby pictures of the child's parents? Don't expect anything different from the baby. A big fat baby might have health issues later in life - so, you will have the child pay the price for a long time. Aspire for a healthy child instead.

feed him too much

first who is your baby you mean a real baby yes i agree don't do it. if you mean you like big on your lover then talk to them about it.

shake it..


i dont think that would be a good idea. it would develope poor eating habits,aka, it will be a fat adult

James Bond
don't do that..your baby probably won't like it when he/she grow up.

why would you want to do that if your baby is small or a premie it will gain its weight in due time

Do that and it could be construed as child abuse.

Going for the mother of the year award eh?
Try replacing the regular milk with chocolate milk.
Then just start spooning in the fist-fulls of Crisco brand lard into those chubby little cheeks. Don't forget to limit the little tot's exercise level. A good solid chain should do the trick. ;-)

Are you hoping to make it on the Maury Povitch show? Ok, kidding aside, let your baby be your guide in how much he/she needs to eat. Don't try to make a big, fat baby. Try for a healthy baby who won't have juvenile diabetes later on!

Is your baby a baby that doesn't gain the proper weight? So is mine, he was born at 5lb 1oz. and weighs only 17 lbs at 15 months. The only way I have found to make him gain weight is to add Virgin Olive Oil to his food. It is bulking calories, rather than empty calories (like chocolate, juice or candy.) The olive oil not only helps him gain weight, but it also helps his hair to be shiny and his skin soft and smooth. I only give him about 1 1/2 tablespoons a day, depending how much he eats.

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