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David B
How can I stop throwing up if I had too much alcohol to drink?
My fiance' just got back from her bachelorette party, and she drank too much. This is the first time she has ever been drunk, and I am not a big drinker myself. How can I help her stop throwing up?
Additional Details
I am not asking for relationship advice.
I am not asking for what to do before you start drinking.
I am asking what do I do right now.
How do I help her now that she is sick, and throwing up?
I will report any answers who are not answering my actual question.
Thank you.

Dr. Elle
I hope this will teach you both something about how SICK alcohol is, and then make a promise to QUIT DRINKING!!!!! By the way, does she party this way all the time, and you just don't know it? That's not good that she got soooo drunk. You know, she won't be able to tell you what went on at the party, so I hope she didn't do anything else you wouldn't approve of. The wedding must be coming up soon. Make sure you know who you're marrying! Hmmmm....

If shes not on medications it might be shes drinking those sugary drinks like pina calotas.You might want to go with lite beer and drink a water in between drinks.

Regurgitation from excessive consumption is caused by the immune system's reaction to alcohol poisoning.

The simplest way is not to drink to the point of drunkenness. Or, if the specific drink involved is the blame, switch to a different drink. Taquila is famous for being tolorated poorly by many people.

Choose one, choose two. Her choice.

Just Me
You can't. You just have to wait it out, then try some Pepto Bismol.

Getting all of the excess out of her stomach is the best thing for her right now. Make sure she takes sips of water whenever she can to keep from getting dehydrated. Gatorade will help too. Better than that would be Ginger Ale, because that can help settle her stomach. Do have her eat whenever she feels up to it, that will help settle her stomach, absorb the excess liquid she doesn't upchuck, and help her head stop spinning.
In the future if she decides to go drinking again remind her to eat, drink plenty of fluids, and take Ibuprofen or some kind of headache medicine before she sleeps. The main part of her reaction is actually dehydration since alcohol does not count as a fluid to the body and actually incourages your body to dump fluids from the body.

Lucas S
no old wives tales will be a quick fix. watch her and keep her on her left side(recovery position) if she is that far gone, and watch that she does not choke on her vomit. if that far gone consider the ER. im not a doctor and this is just my opinion.

Give her some bread, it'll absorb the alcohol in her stomach.

Good luck

Her body is trying to get it out of her system. Let her keep throwing up!!!!!!! Give her water and Gaterade. Luck to you both!!!!

You cant without medicine, keep her on her side, head up, with an old towel under her mouth. Shes gonna puke and have one hell of a hang over, no work tomorrow! Dont give her bread, that only works when you start drinking.

Just wait it out is all you can do -

Now, after the fact when the hangover comes into play - for an instant pick me up - Find an EMS buddy, Medic, or someone (OR heck, - just drive to the station) Ask for an NS Drip - Because Hangovers are Just Dehydration and a fluid bolus will get you back up to par!

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