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How can I heal my infected finger?
i don't know what happe3ned i did not cut it or anything I have 3 cats but I did not get scratched. the ring finger however is very swollen around the nail. the other day I squeezed around the cuticle to bring out some pus, then I soaked in in hot water and used neosporin quite a bit and it was starting to get better now i noticed it has blown up again. it isvery soft like ablister but it noit a blister its hot and red and swelled what can id I have no antibiotics I do not really have a doctor and I am sure if I go to the er now i will be there for hours (its friday nite in my area there's shootings and stabbings that take precendent ) its not travelling up my arm and does not appear to be at the blood poisoning stage

whats wrong with you people asking medical questions like this? do you think doctors hang out answering these questions. no they dont so go to a doctor!!!

Aubrey and Braeden's Mommy
I would soak it in warm salt water and then wash it with peroxide before coating it with neosporin. If it isn't better after a couple of times of doing this (I'd do it once per hour for the next few hours), go the doctor tomorrow.

Good luck!

You should go to a walk-in clinic tomorrow if one's open. But in the mean time, soak it in hot water with epsom salts, that will help draw out the infection. (no longer than 15 minutes at a time... you'll burn and pucker if you do). Between soaks, keep it dry. You can use neosporin around your nail if there's a place where pus is coming from.
Keep the area open to the air.

If it starts to throb or if you see red streaks, in your skin, you will need to go get it looked at asap.

Antibiotics are the way most doctors treat them. Enter your symptoms on webMD.


Buy some magnaplasm (chemist) heat it up in microwave for a couple of seconds(in the plastic container in comes in) then put some on finger and cover with bandaid,it actually draws the pus out.Keep that up for a couple of days it does work................Liz.

Tina D
soak the finger in salt water. buy tea tree oil it works great on infections.most infections I have used it on they started healing with in a day the infection(pus) is gone sooner. It costs about 6-10 dollars a bottle but it's strong and lasts forever. Don't bandage the infection.

racer 51
sounds like there could be an infection under the nail and it needs to be lanced. you really should see a doc. this used to happen to my son a lot. is there an urgent care near you? they are faster than the er. if not, take yourself to the hospital if you don't have a doc.

This is nothing to screw around with..... sounds like a very active infection and it needs immediate attention. Could be staph which can be extremely dangerous. There are times for home cures, but this is not one. Waiting in line in ER for hours may turn out to be the best investment you'll ever make in your life.

Finger infections are no laughing matter. 3 years ago I lost my left pinky to a surfing accident. I scraped it bad on the reef then I didn't take proper care of it. The doctors had to amputate it to keep the infection from spreading. Ever since then my friends call me micky9fingers. Good Luck & Aloha, micky9fingers

Don E
consult a doctor before it gets worse.

The infection is in your bloodstream, home remedies are useless at this point. Go to a doctor as soon as you can..

You really do need to have that checked by a doctor. If you don't want to go to the ER, consider an urgent care center.

I understand you not wanting to sit at the ER all night, but if that infection starts going up your arm (red streaks that start heading up your hand) and swelling, you get your butt to the ER immediately, ok? In the mean time, soak it again in med-hot water. If you have Epsom salts, use those in the water. If you have baking soda, use that. If not, then just plain water will help. Soak it for about 30 minutes, dry it well and put the Neosporin on it. Don't keep squeezing the pus out. That will make the infection spread. I'm serious, if you get those red streaks and more swelling, get your but to the hospital. Something like that---they won't make you wait that long because it's serious.

**And hey, "hot_tamale" if you don't like or approve of the health questions, then get out.

I had this happen to me, it's called Paronychia. If you take care of it fast then the infection should be gone in a few days and you shouldn't need to go to the ER, just do what this websites says, it worked for me.


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