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Help my husband got a heat rash between his legs what's the best medicine for that ?I already tried Desitin.

try baby powder

Pundit Bandit
Good long soak is good plan. Once it is clean and thoroughly dried(pat it don't rub it, rubbing will irritate it more) apply medicated powder and wear loose fitting (shorts, boxers, etc.) clothing to allow better air flow to the area to help keep heat down and dryness at a higher level. It will take 2 or 3 days of attention to clear up and powder should be re-applied several times (2-3) if possible. If re-application is inconvenient due to work or social activity, he should find a few moment to go to a men's room and use tissue paper to pat away any excess moisture in the affected area while in the stall.

Try this stuff called Lansinoh. It's in the baby isle. It says it's nipple creme but it's a cure all.

My husband had something like it. He finally when to the Doctor and it was ring worms. Your husband need to see a doctor as they can be transmitted to you.

Sister Di
Cruex spray for jock itch.

Yes, it is probably yeast related. Corn starch is a bad idea until the actual rash goes away. One thing that will help to prevent this after it is gone, believe it or not, is to apply anti-perspirant to the skin folds down there after drying completely following every shower. Works like a charm.

If its just a heatrash, Desitin will cure it in 3 days of use. Since it still exists I suggest a trip to a dermatologist to diagnose and prescribe a treatment.

Take a good shower, wash and then dry completely. Apply some Blue Star Ointment to the area. It will sting for a couple of minutes and he may want to take off running. Wear loose clothing that night and when he gets up the next morning, it will nearly be gone.

blue star works very good and I always have 20 plus jars of it in my sickbay for heat rash. Works good under the arms or any other area of the body but the face.

Are you sure its heat rash?

My boyfriend does this. He needs to take a shower and dry off really well. Then lay down and frog leg so to speak or spread his legs apart and let a fan blow on him between his legs when he sleeps. He can apply some lotromin cream. It may be yeast and not heat rash. If it is yeast the only thing that works is an over the counter anti fungal cream. Generic works as well as the lotromin
Hope that helps.

dust the area with corn starch. It will make him much more confortable

My fiance gets that too... He says A&D ointment works best for it. He also says to use deodorant down there to keep it from happening again.

Harry W
Gold bond medicated powder


just forgiven
Are you sure it's heat rash? could be jock itch. if that's the case, you'll need to get an antifungal cream. It can be purchased at walmart.

keep the area dry

desitin is fine but won't work if he keeps the 'ol boys hot and sweaty

make sure he wears loose clothing

maybe a good time to try going commando. or at least wear briefs

my 2 cents
gold bond powder, oh man that stuff is magic, I carry a bottle with me at work in my tool bag & as soon as I start to feel the early warnings of a rash I put it on. But I would imagine it would work on a full blown rash too.

a nice long soak in a cool bath with Aveeno oatmeal bath (or generic version). This is very soothing to the skin. Soak as long as possible.

I think you just have to let it run its course. Also it must have been caused by walking a lot and his thighs were rubbing together. Have him wear some spandex shorts, that way they wont rub any more and it will get better

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