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oh joy!
Help... I got face wash in my eye?! owwww it burns!?
It's been quite the day for me... I was cleaning my ears with a cotton swab and it almost got stuck in my ear... IT HURT SO MUCH... I felt like my ear was ringing. Afterwards headed for the shower and as I washed my face the bottle squirted into my eye. Thanks Neutrogena! It burns so bad... I stood there rinsing for 30 minutes and even cried, which did help it feel better-lol- but my eye feels extremely dry and very red. Hurts to blink. What should I do so I don't wake up with a puffy eye tommorow morning?? Thanks I really appreciate it.

red dog
You sook. Grow some backbone.

♥♫Lil' Misfortune♫♥
Take an eye cup and put some cooled chammomile tea in there and blink while the eye cup is over your eye. This should help. It can also be used for pink eye-it gets you over it in about 2 days using it 2 times a day!

Visine A.C.® Eye Drops/ IT GETS THE RED OUT

Flush it out with cool water. To keep the swelling down, wet a washcloth with warm water and lay it carfully over the affected eye.

you can put a cold compress on it, and if you have an eye cup which every home should have you can put distilled water in it that is warm but not hot and blink a few times. That should help. Good luck

Stop by your local pharmacy (be careful driving - perhaps get a friend to retrieve it for you) are some moisturizing eye drops. There are many lines of eye drops which are simply called 'Tears' which is really what they are (as the only problem is your eye is dry).

These are normally reasonable to pick up (maybe $2-$7) and are really handy to have around the house just in case this ever happens again (since its pretty common). It sounds like you washed your eye too long :-).

Perhaps you should get some over the counter eye drops to restore the moisture in your eye.

Put some rewetting drops in it. If you don't havy any kind of drops in the house but someone wears contact lensesyou can put a few drops of the solution in your eye, although most people who wear contacts have some kind of drop. If you have nothing soak a black or chamomile tea in hot water for a few seconds and lay it on your eye when it cools a bit (you can drink the tea, after the day you've had a cup of tea will make you feel better.) In any case, mostly it's the shower water that dried out your eye, get a good nights sleep and you should wake up fine.

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