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 I'm a Floridian & always use 45+sunscreen.Didn't know it was 100 yesterday. I fell asleep (stupid) jumped in
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 Why do bee stings itch and burn?
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But it still itches like crazy. And it burns ...

 How can i make my baby fat and big?

Has anyone every experienced a tingling sensaton in their fingers when they quit smoking?
I quit smoking 82 days ago and I have such a tingling all the time in my fingers. I smoked 30 years. I hear its my circulation getting back to normal but its really uncomfortable. i hope its not something more. Have you experienced this and if so was there anything you can do?

yes and only my right hand trembles. my hand can't stay still.smoking can change your body and it's functions. It is normal for when your quitting the nicotine.

It probally is your circulation. That's what I was thinking before I saw you write it. I know I have that feeling when I am extremelly anxiesh(sp) so maybe you're just thinking too much about it. I'd bring it up to your DR. just to be on the safe side.

yes it is normal i had it too. i just quit myself good luck to you

I am so scared to quit smoking . . .

If you are overweight that could be affecting you. It is probably your circulation returning to normal. If you are short of breath or overly tired as well you might want to see a doctor. Or if you are having chest pains.

ill let ya know if and when i quit

if i were you i would check with your doctor just in case ..it could be signs of other problems...just make sure to be safe

yes, this is normal! its your body way of trying to get you to light up again, but given time the tingling sensation will eventually fade.

If you look to Eastern medicine, you will learn that the human body has hundreds of meridians which carry chi energy. The chi energy is experienced as a tingling sensation when these channels open up. The sensation in your fingers are indicative of this taking place in various parts of your body. In other words, its like someone opened the windows of your home to let fresh air blow in. The meridian on each finger correspond to meridians running vertically along the spine together with their subsidiary meridians. So its quite natural when you feel tingling sensation on your fingers, it is telling you that the meridians are clearing up.

I hope that this provides some help. You can learn more by visiting the site below.

It's a form of withdrawal symptom from a substance. When I go More that 3 days without my sleeping pills, my hands and fingers with tingle and go numb.

I felt it as well. I quit smoking almost 2 years ago, and I remember that annoying feeling. Do not worry, it will pass.

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