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emily b
Has anyone ever heard of an adult wearing pampers?
the other day i was at wal-mart i was going through the parking lot and i saw this guy getting in the back seat of a vehicle he was sort of struggling to get in. as he was trying to get in his shirt raised and to my dis belief i saw that he was wearing a diaper and it was a pampers with sesame street characters on it.i was wondering how in the world could an adult fit in pampers i would not have believed it but i saw it really clear with my two eyes

That screams "fetish" to me. I've worked with disabled individuals that had to wear adult diapers, unfortunately. They NEVER had cartoon characters or anything childish on them. They weren't made to demean the person's dignity even further. I think it's safe to simply chalk this one up to "freak".

yes there are. especially those old people 'coz they cant help their self to pee.hehhee

he was proberbly a pervert

my name is thomas and i wear nappies every where i go. is it so bad if i choose to wear them, its completely my choice and its not like i walk down the street with my nappy exposed like a baby would. if he chose to wear one good on him its a private decision

they dont make adult pampers but they do sell stikers to put on adult diapers to look like they are pampers they sell them on e-bay

I saw some dude like that on Jerry Springer once.

We put on adult diaper to our bed-ridden grandma.
Some people who got illness,eg. couldn't hold their urine/bowel are recommended to use adult diaper.
We just don't know what was the health condition of the man you saw but adult wearing diaper is possible.

xxx-L size of pampers maybe :P

Just Asking
I've heard of older adults wearing Depends but I don't think they come with Sesame Street characters on them. HMMMM!!!

Adults do use diapers, usually they are older cause they can't control their bladder that well. The only reason I can think of him using a childs diaper is cause they are cheaper. As long as it fits him ( he must have been thin ). I worked in a pharmacy and if you knew what some older patients had to pay for meds you would be shocked. He was just trying to save money I bet.

The person must have Blatter Control Problem, Very common condition, If the person was thin or sickly, they probably cost a lot less than the Adult Depends or other adult product, well no one is going to see what is on it , but the person wearing them. You just happen to see the person...Don't be shocked when you see ill or recovering persons using these items.

he may have had a surgury and he could be incontinant for a good reason but there is a group of adults that play baby and mommy ,not I

♥*♥Nowell T♥*♥
You shouldn't be so shocked, & never make fun at someone that has to wear a diaper, because you never know when it could be you, or someone close to you.
It is most likely a blatter problem, & if a person doesn't have any medical insurance, it is quite expensive to pay out of your own pocket to have your blatter fixed.
That's why they started to make diapers for adults( but are expensive to buy), however, some of the baby diapers are big, so they could be big enough for an adult to wear.

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