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HELP i got my foot stuck in a toilet how do i get it out?
well i was just walking into my bathroom and i fell and now i cant get it out i am on my laptop help!!!!!!!!!!!
Additional Details
i am still stuck

If you are near shampoo/conditioner grap it! and start to rub it on your foot so it will come out!
Ok how is it stuck in there tell me the position. do you live with any one?

CALL911! and when they arrive they will unscrew the toilet and then get a sledge hammer and eventually when the toilet is cracked it will sometime after free your foot although they must be carefull because they dont smash your foot!! or maybe get something slippery and stick it down the toilet it that helps! hopefully you are near a phone and can make a call to 911! and walking to the bathroom with your labtop? lol craziness dude!

HAH, call 911

Dinty Moore
Put the other foot in and flush--that will take care of it.

break the toliet

call 911 immediately! and two questions
1) why did you have a laptop in the bathroom
2) how in the world do you get your foot stuck in the toilet!!!

OMG THAT STINKS!!!! call someone, call 911!!

beach blanket babe
is there anyone else home with you? get them to get you some butter or a big jar of vaseline,then slop on whatever around your ankle and gently twist your leg to the left then the right,apply a lot of that vaseline and work on it pretty soon you should work your foot free.i hope this works,good luck!

That's a Stupid Question
Too bad you didn't get your head stuck.
Better luck next time.

who the **** gets their foot stuck in a toilet?!?

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