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HELP! I just burned by fingers picking up a hot pan how can i relieve the pain?
They feel like fire, i ran them under cold water, is there anything else i can do???

alyssa s
put butter on it! people say its a stupid remedy, but it WORKS!!!!
and plz, o plz, dont put ice on it.
it increases the pain and swells the injured area.
hope this helps, and good luck! =|



Put some soap over it . It works everytime. It acts as a salve. How about Vicks Vaporub. Never run cold water over it.

Patricia S
hold your hand under a mixture of ice and water. if that does not give you relief,

then tie a piece of cloth like a handkerchief on your forearm with two knots. Between the inner and outer knot, pass a wooden pencil. Twist the pencil so that the cloth starts tightening on your forearm. Tighten it as much as you can. you will find the pain reduces. As soon as it does untwist the pencil and loosen the cloth. The pain will increase once again. Tighten again and once again loosen. Keep doing this until you loosen the cloth completely and you can tolerate the pain. ALL THE TIME HOLD THE HAND IN THAT MIXTURE OF ICE AND WATER.

I put raw egg whites on the area burned, and then let it dry.

Don't put butter on the burn, it will hold the heat in and make the burn worse. Keep them under cold water for at least 15 minutes. You can buy a topical burn cream that will reduce the pain and keep it from being infected. You can also soak your fingers in cold water with some ice cubes thrown in to keep it cold. That's what I did every time I burned my hands working at McDonalds! If the burn looks bad, then go the the ER or see your doctor to get checked out. They can prescribe something so the burn doesn't get infected.
Hope this helps!

for having seriously burned fingers, you sure type pretty well

put some shaving cream on it,but not the kind with menthol !
The shaving cream helps draw out the heat from your skin.

Hi,,, you can put some ice and water in a bowl and put your hand in it,,, soak a towel in the cold ice water and wrap it..... if you have aloe... put that on it......

if it is very very bad,,, go to the emergency room.....

good luck

Do NOT rub butter on your fingers. The idiots who're telling you to do that are ignorant fools.

The best thing for a minor burn to relieve the pain is aloe-vera.
Pure aloe is the best, but any lotion with aloe in it will work also.

Butter is absolutely the worst thing you can put on a burn. As was said earlier, butter will actually hold in the heat, making the burn worse - and it will increase scaring. A good burn cream is fine, or, if you don't have that handy, you can use sun burn ointment/spray. Be sure you don't use this on severely blistered skin, or broken skin.

Mac Attack
Yes, if you listen to number ones answer you will end up with a scar. My grandmother put butter on my arm from a boiling water burn and I have the scar to prove it. I only ever use 100% pure coconut oil on my burns, contrary to popular belief coconut oil actually takes the heat out of a burn, and leaves no scaring. Did you know that coconut oil is used as an antibiotic and they hospitals use it in their drips for their patients.

Get a large bowl or pitcher and fill it up with ice water (mostly ice). Then submerge you entire hand in, up to the wrist. Leave your hand in the ice water until you feel relief. Your hand/fingers will become numb, which is what your wanting!! Butter or any other greasy method will only smoother the burn, holding in the heat, and making it worse. If you feel your burn is more severe then don't hesitate to go to the nearest ER.....
Good Luck!!

cassidy s
whatever you do DO NOT put butter on it! that just makes it worse... i always put it in ice water... it draws the heat out

any burns need to be cool, remove any rings and place under cold water for at least 10 minutes. this works very well.
never put any thing like butter, or creams on a burn

put mustard on the burn!

Had a first aide class , NO butter , no salves that have petroleum in them. Cold water was the best and you did that. Don't pop any blisters ,gauze wrap and keep clean, also elevate in other word keep the sore hand above the heart, it will reduce pressure and help to relieve pain.

There is over the counter topical anesthetic you can put on them to ease the pain. Holding them upright can help ease the pain. Tylenol or Advil will also help. If they blistered, you need to see a doctor for second degree burns.

Whack your foot with a hammer, your fingers will quit hurting...

Stick 'em in ice water-- it will draw the heat out of the skin. Putting water in the ice will chill your burn faster than just plain ice. Keeping your fingers submerged will help.

put aloe vera on them...... and take some tylenol......

sorry you hurt yourself......

do not put butter on it.......

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