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HELP! I have had water stuck in my ear for six months!!!?
I'm not really sure how it happened but, I got water stuck in my ear and it never came out, and it's been six months! And I know this sounds weird, but now it makes these clicking noises! I've tryed EVERYTHING, and it still won't come out! Please help! I'm desprate.
Additional Details
It doesn't hurt at all, it's just really annoying, especially the clicks

♪♫ Michaela n_n ♪♫
Okay try shaking your head side to side and if that doesn't work hun... :-) lol, I'd say go to a doctor, seriously..

did you try peroxide on a q-tip? and tilt your head to the side and wiggle it around a bit. it mite clear up then?

*Shining Star*
Go to the doctor, they can get it out, it's a simple process, really.

funloving t
You've tried everything - except asking a doctor, presumably.

Probably not water, more likely wax.

Probably infected. go to the doctor.

I've had ear probs my whole life and the thing that helps me is to flush my ears. I know it sounds dumb to put more water in there but whatever is clicking is most likely not water but probably wax. I have a syringe that I fill with warm water. Hold a bowl under your ear to catch the water and wax. Squirt gently into your ear and the wax will soften up and just fall out. Try it, it'll help a lot!

Try going to the doctor.
It probably isn't water, because bacteria would be in there by now and it would hurt a lot.

I had the same problem except I was in a lot of pain, my ear was constantly ringing and I couldn't hear properly. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a perforated ear drum brought on by a bacterial infection. The doctor gave me antibiotics to help heal the perforation, as it was only small, and then I was given ear drops to loosen the wax and had my ear syringed. My ear was fine straight after that and I had no more pain. I originally thought it was water but the doctor told me that a build up of wax feels the same as water clogging your ear.

Whatever you do, DO NOT stick anything in your ear canal. You can push ear wax further in or even tear your ear drum.

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