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HELP!!! I HAVE TO GET 6TH GRADE SHOTS!!!!!!! THREE!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SOOOOO SCARED!!!!!!!! HELP me please!!!!!!!!
I have to get 3 shots!!!!!!!! I also have to get a physical (whatever that is! it's sounds scary and bad!!!!!) AND my blood drawn from my finger!!!!!!!!!!! OWWWW!

I hate shots!!! They hurt sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... BAD!!!!!!

Please help me I'm a nervous wreck I can't sleep. My mom said she's taking me this week or so!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

IM me at kittylover497 if you wanna help me or something PLEASE!!!!! I need to talk to someone and calm down before I like have a cow!!!!!

Look up the diseases that the shots are against...some of them are so horrible that you'll be begging for the shots in no time!

Think about it this way: whatever doesn't kill you, it'll make you stronger.

If that doesn't help, think about it another way: if you do'nt get the 3 shots now, your LIVER will hurt even more with hepatitis C. Hep C or a tiny puncture in your arm? Your choice.

Have your mom pinch you when they are giving you the shot and you won't even feel the shot!

don't worry. I just had my shot on the last day of schol! R U getting a tetnus shot? If u R, DO NOT look at the needle! I have all my shots taken for 7th grade. So, just don't think about the shots. And the phisical is nothing. When they draw UR blood, just pretned that its an ant bite. Trust me... I was in ur shoes!!!


Just don't go to the clinic.
They stab you.
Been there, done that, got the lollipop.
Eh, just think about something nice.
And a psyical is just like a checkup making sure all of your body is okay.

Ask for a 14 guage needle... this will hurt the least

lol, relax, every body been tru somthing scary, and every things cool now!..

Hari C
Calm down! Take some deep breaths! Remember - they will only hurt if you are tense. If you go in there relaxed, the needle won;t have such a hard time, and you will hardly feel a thing. Listen to some music - maybe take an mp3 player in there with you or something. Just remember to take deep breaths, and don't hyperventilate!

Hmmmmmmmmmm, wasn't this question already asked and answred SEVERAL times?

I thought you were the mom three weeks ago!

" My child has to get 3 shots this month, shes 11 and is very terrifed of them. Any help getting her through?
Asked by kittylover497 - 6 answers - Other - General Health Care - 3 weeks ago- Resolved"

♥Love Is Life♥
You'll be fine. They hardly hurt. If your in 6th grade your kinda young 4 this.........W/e!





First of all a physical isn't bad at all and your mother will be with you.Second when the doctor comes in to draw blood and give the shots let him know your really scared.Don't turn your head or shut your eyes, watch what he is doing,he'll explain everything to you and knowing is half the battle.We all need shots during our lives and trust me no one loves them.

drink milk

ok, chill out. shots really arent that bad. i got 2 every week for 6 years and im still alive. and a physical is nothing, trust me. and getting your blood drawn is no biggie. they wont draw very much so there really isnt anything to worry about. nothing to lose sleep over. everything will be ok i promise.

Stop being a baby and go get those shots. Unless u wanna get some nasty disease that will cause you to have to get a whole lot more shots.

You are just having your Booster Shots. Nothing to be afraid of. Will be done in seconds and you probably wont feel a thing.

The blood drawn from your finger is to check your iron level. Nothing to that either. Diabetics have to check theirs all the time. Make sure you hands are CLEAN before you leave for the doctors. They usually wipe it down with alcohol anyways.

Ask mom to give you Tylenol just before you leave for the doctor. That way you will have something inside you for the "pain". That's what is recommended for babies when they get their shots.

The physical is nothing too. Just routine height, weight, blood pressure and a bunch of questions are asked.

ppl go though worse things everyday....it'll be over before you know it.

James B
Ask for the biggest gauge that they have when they give you the shots. =p

okay really the shots don't hurt they rub stuff on u b4 the shots that make it not hurt and wen i got a physical they made me like jump around push some heavy stuff and pick up some heavy stuff


: )

don't worry things will pass.

Life only gets worse, sis.

First, tell the nurse who is going to give you the shots that you are very scared. Then, ask her if you can yell "OUCH!!" real loud 3 times, and during one of those times, can she go ahead and give one shot, and then repeat that if the shots are individual (although most likely they will all be combined) and since you will be concentrating on yelling (although remember there are other people in the other exam rooms too) and you won't even feel the shot. As far as the Physical, they will check your lungs,chest,
ears,eyes, throat,reflexes and that's about it. As far as getting blood taken from your finger, you could try biting on the top joint of a finger for a few minutes prior to getting the blood drawn, as this will numb the skin and you will not feel the stick. Also, turn your head and you could also practice the yell technique here too.
Good Luck!!!

You'll live wait until you have kids and you have to watch them give 4 shots at once to your baby. They'll do it fast. Tell mom to take you for chocolate icecream when you are done Icecream fixes anything. A physical is just an exam you've probably had one before and blood from your finger it's just a drop no big deal diabetics have to do that everday.

ok i hate shots to but don't stress about it. tell the person giving them to you that you are scared they are really good at calming people down when they are giving them it is a big help. blood from your finger really dose not hurt i have had that done the scariest part is the sound from the needle thing they use, then they will squeeze your finger it is only a drop of blood. the physical is not bad cant tell you exactly what they will do the only ones i have had are for the military so they are a lot more strict. it is not that big of deal. Just think of it this way everyone else in you school will be having the same thing done so you are not alone. just make sure you tell them you are scared of shots they will talk to you and you will not even feel it

As strange as this may sound, I used to like shots when I was little!

Also, if you are in sixth grade, you probably should not give out your IM name, you never know what kind of person will start sending you messages.

Well when you go to the doctor for your shots some things can help settle you down. You have to try to remember to relax.. sometimes looking the other way helps. Everyone has to get shots, and it takes practice to calm yourself down when going to get one.

Katherine the Celt
You'll be fine! Just relax. Shots don't really hurt as bad as you might prophesize. Just look away when they give them to you. Talk to your mom while they give you the shots, to distract you from them.

And the physical isn't that bad. They just take your weight, height, and maybe a urine sample.

Good luck!

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