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Cookiez M
Got a really bad sunburn! What do I do? iT HURTS REALLY BAD!!!?

try getting someone to rub white vinegar mixed in a bit of water =this is supposed to take away the pain

Daniel R
I had read once that vinager works. I've used it a couple times, and it sure took the sting out for me, although I can't remember the science behind this.

try cold cream

IF you can get hold of some 'red ochre" make a paste with water put it on. Otherwise any silky type mud will work wonders.

I usually mix it with good ice cold water.

put some yogurt on it!! trust me it works!!! "plain yogurt"

cold cream
white vinager
creamy milk

I use Noxzema cold cream..put on thick...and leave it on ....do not rub in....repeat until burn stops

Aloe vera provides a cooling sensation on contact.
Drink fluids to keep your skin hydrated in order to gain back some of the moisture lost during the burn.

To get rid of the pain, take a regular painkiller. Also, avoid lying on the infected part. That'll just make it worse.

Hope this helps.

At the pharmacy they have 100% aloe vera gel and it will help the burn. I have used it and I have also used ST37 for burns. My doctor has had me use it and it works. I hope you will feel better soon.

Try Marine with Sea fennel in it and it will work also. I had a bad burn on my arm and I put it on and I was fine in a day.

aloe is the best or bag balm u can get to those help with the sting or frist aid burn for burns cream whatever u can get it a local store

I am fair skinned and have had this problem, try aloe vera (if you don't have access to a plant then you can purchase the gel at most stores).

do you know me?
I've heard noxema works or u can use aloe

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