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 Home remedy....does it work?
theres this home remedy of putting raw bacon on a boil and it will make it go away. even if the boil has already been popped and is painful and red around the edges you can put the bacon on and it ...

 Just checking?
Who remembers the old remedy of putting flour on a cut or wound to aid clotting and arrest bleeding?
Additional Details
Just checking the real answer is direct pressure with sterile ...

 What is the best way to treat heat stroke?
We're having a function at my job and there will be 500 old people here. It's supposed to be like 90 degrees and there will be no nurse on duty. What do I do if someone collapses with ...

 Do all people have one part of their body that is deformed?

 Need a solution to remove my wedding band (ring) from my 9 year-old son's middle finger. It got stuck real bad
It is a silver band with a small diamond. We tried the soap, got him to swim, checked with the gold smith shop for advice but still no solution in removing it....

 Bleeding (When to go to the doctor)?
My mother had a blister that popped but now it's bleeding. It's been bleeding for an hour without clotting. I worry that this maybe a side effect of the blood thinners she's on. When ...

 My 11 yo son has a boil on his elbow best way to treat it please?
I already covered it with a large bandaid coated with Betadine gel....

 My toung is bleeding very badly, and has been doing so for the last 15 mins, anything i can do to stop it?

 Can you fart and burp at the same time?

 Ouch i have a horrible sunburn. what do i do?
it hurts so bad. my shoulders and back are bright red. i spent the entire time underwater at the beach and i guess my sunscreen washed off and the water magnified the rays or something but omg it ...

 Why am I so itchy all over?? I shower everyday, and change sheets every week. What can it be?

 Which is better getting blood taken from the finger or arm?
I'm due to get my blood taken, the last time i went was when i was 14 and i'm 18 now!! I'm scared of getting my blood taken, and don't know if i can.. I passed out last time, when ...

 What is the best way to stop a nosebleed?

Additional Details
by the way, its caused by a side effect of asthma medication, and i think ill stop taking it now that i know thats whats causing ...

 My eightmonth baby smashed his finger and it looks really bad swollen and purple is that normal?
yeah his finger is realy swollen and purple but it also has some kinda white spots, he is able to move it and he seems fine but that finger looks gross is that normal? and what shold i do to make it ...

 Why do people answer without photos?
It's nicer when you can see the faces of people answering ...

 My husband may be coming home from hosp tomorrow after having open heart surgery last fri.?
my 10 year old grand daughter and i want to get him something nice for him this week sometime.any ideas?...

 Help reallly bad sunburn? What should I do? Treatment?Cure?
I got bad sun burn today on my face,arms and legs and it stings and burns realllllllly bad.Does anyone know how to make it better?
I was told not to use aloe vera cause it makes you peel is ...

 What direction should the toilet paper role face? Should the paper hang away or towards the wall?

 I had this thing come out of my ear and it looks like a piece of skin I spread it out to see the size....?
it was like the size of a finger nail and it was flesh tone with some blue and green. the day befor that there was greenish ear wax. and all last night my ear was leaking wax but normal coloured....

 Ive had a nosebleed for 15 mins and it won't stop!?
Also I can taste the blood in the back of my throat but it hasn't been in my mouth so it must of came from the back of my nose. Its confusing to describe but how do you stop it? Its doing my ...

Girls have period, what about guys, what do they have? period too?

no its their work to stop periods in girls

Fool in the Rain
Wow, either you sleep through Health class or you are too young to be using the computer by yourself. No, men do not have periods. My husband does experiece PMS symptoms. (at least that's what I blame my husband's moodiness on)

no, we dont get that. but sometimes in the morning.... well, lets just say when WE (wink wink) wake up, sometimes we need to wait a few minutes before we can go to the bathroom.

Are u for real? But anyways just in case no we dont.

No, guys have comma's

when you are old enough, come back and we'll explain it too you.

no..guys have their ego's..

Carly j
well, they don't' have a menstrual cycle but they definitely have a time where they get moody and become the BiGGest QuEEns you ever saw in life!!!!

This might sound funny but I think my husband is going through menopause right now. Actually, all the time, he`s always moody, too hot, too cold, things are never quite right or the way he wants them to be. Complains about everything. He`s worse than a woman sometimes! But I love him couldn`t live without him.

They have the FULL MOON period. Look out when it's that time of the month!!!

They don't have periods but they do act stupid once a month.

No, they get the wonderful life of not having one.

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