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Does tea count towards the 8 glasses of water Im supposed to drink every day?
Its too hard to drink that much water when its not hot outside, but I drink maybe 4 8oz glasses a day & 2 or 3 cups of tea, is that plenty?
Additional Details
It is plain unsweetened tea

The 8 glasses of water a day includes all the liquids that you ingest. So I think you really only have to drink about 6 glasses of water a day and you'll get the other two from the foods you eat.

No, only water counts as water. Tea is good for you but does count unless it's plain unsweetened tea.

I think your tea or coffee would count, as long as it is unsweetened, and they do have decafinated tea and coffee.

Teas does NOT count. It does hydrate you a bit, but it has caffeine in it, which is a diuretic (makes you pee), so you're not necessarily getting the same benefit as water. Also, I'm not especially knowledgeable on the matter, but I think there is something about drinking just plain water that is better for you because your body doesn't have to filter anything out of it.

Is this for weight loss?? If it is then it counts if the tea is decaf.

Where Words Fail, Music Speaks!
no, besides, water is better:)i barely drink any soda, i just drink water

blessing in disguise
drink as much as you can... u don't have to drink exactly 8 a day...

Did you know that there's really no reason to drink those 8 glasses of water a day? Doctors have not reported any significant health benefits. You get all the water your body needs in an average day from various foods and drink. Don't sweat it! Which reminds me--if you're exercising, be sure to grab a bottle of water to replenish the water you'll lose to sweat. Take care!


Herbal (non-caffeinated) tea DOES count towards the 8 glasses of water. But coffee and caffeinated tea do not.

I believe you can substitute up to 2 cups of tea in order to "count" as having 8 glasses per day. So, 2 cups of tea and 6 glasses of water.

No, but it does have water in it and does hydrate you, just not as well as plain old fasion water.

yes i believe it does but if it has caffeine in it then the caffeine can act as a diarrettic and make you lose more water so decaf tea should count

tea makes ya pee a lot and it's bad for your teeth

I count tea, myself. It's mostly water, anyway. But coffee is another matter, if you have trouble with caffeine. (People keep telling me tea has as much caffeine as coffee, but I don't think so. Or if it does, I metabolize it better.)

Tea is a diuretic. I would not count it towards your water intake.

Tea containing caffiene is actually diuretic - As long as intake matches losses, fluid balance is maintained but increased losses can upset fluid balance. One way this can happen is via increased sweat production in hot, humid environments, especially during exercise. Diuretic agents, including caffeine and alcohol, can also upset fluid balance by acting on the kidneys to boost urine production. If fluid losses are increased without a corresponding increase in fluid intake, a negative fluid balance results. However, you'd have to drink a lot of caffiene to make such a drastic effect.

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