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Alice cullen
Does scratching poison ivy make it worse???
And does anyone know how to make it stop itching?? thanks!!!!! :)

Lick My Nose
si senor.

Never scratch an itch. Put ice on it immediatly.

YESS it does make it worse!! Buy calamine lotion at a walgreens or something, it really helps!!

Feel Better!!<33

Don't scratch your poison ivy. Try not to touch it. Scratching it will make it spread because you are spreading the oils around. Usually after a about 5 or 6 days you can scratch it because the oil in the rash is gone so it wont spread. But to stay on the safe side you shouldnt itch it at all. Calamine lotion will make it heal better and faster.

Don't scratch it, it will get under your finger nails and spread it to the next place you touch. Wash your hands if you do touch it. But I would just go to the drug store and buy cortisol ointment or some other kind of anti-itch cream, ir will really help aleviate your discomfort! Good luck!

Yes, it's just like chicken pox. It can make it even more itchy. If you scratch it too much, you can create scabs which, in this case, can turn into scars. To sum it all up, just, don't scratch it. Sleeping makes it so you don't have to feel the itch. Good luck.

Tactical Medic
yes it will make it spread, try calamine lotion or aloe Vera maybe some other medicine!

Yes, scratching poison ivy makes it worse. It increases the liklihood of breaking the blisters and opening your skin up to infection. It can also leave scarring. So try not to itch at all cost.

Some ideas to get it to stop itching:

Try topical (for skin) first aid creams with an antihistamine as an active ingredient. I think that band-aid brand makes one but I can't think of the name.

Taking benedryl also will help but it does have a tendency to make people sleepy, so maybe only at night.

If you don't like antihistamines, there are aloe vera gels sold at pharmacies or you can use it straight from the plant if you have it.

Oatmeal baths (look for colloidal oatmeal--aveno has a product with it to add to your bath water) are another option for you if you are trying to go au natural.

I hope you feel better soon. Poison ivy is horribly uncomfortable.

Rhonda & Cats
Yes it makes it worse, that spreads it. Take an antihistamine like Benedryl & use caladryl lotion.
We get it so bad we always have to go to the doc & get steroid shots.
Good luck.

You could get a local infection, and it can cause the rash to spread by transferring the "fluid" from original site. Benadryl cream, benadryl pill, calamine lotion, oatmeal bath, aveno. If it is real bad you can get a shot from your doctor. The rash needs to dry out, and anywhere or anyone who comes in contact with those weeping area could have an allergic reaction that you are suffering from.

it makes it worse and it will itch more, you could put cortatzone on it.

Yes! This will cause it to spread all over you, and greatly worsen the infection. Trust me, you don't want it on your hands, between your fingers, and scratching at it will cause this to happen.

Try placing a cool, wet cloth over the area, possibly even ice, for temporary relief. If it gets really bad a doctor can give you a cortizone shot, which usually makes it clear up right away.

Any time you physically touch and open sore or as you note here, poison ivy you can irritate the area and cause it to spread. You can also transfer the area to other parts of your body.

my cara mia
yes,you can transfer the poison ivy from one spot to another just by sccratching, to eleviate the intense itching use benadryl cream or calamine lotion,it wont stop the itch altogether but it will slow it down some.

Yes it will. Put Calamine lotion on it, which should stop the itching

uh yeah....

If the blisters are there do not scratch them because you will break them open and then they will spread and it will get worse. Get a Corticosteroid cream and it will stop it from itching. I hope this will help.

Country Pride
If infected site has been washed thoroughly with soap and water. NO. Only the oil from the leaves can spread the poison ivy or sumac. So watch where you put your hands after you come in contact with it. Especially if your a guy,know what I mean? You can also contract it if someone is burning it around you.

yes, it spreads

try calamine lotion

YES YES YES!!! Don't scratch! If it gets into your bloodstream it will pop up all over the place. The best thing to use is Lotramin. If it gets really bad, rub the area with alcohol to sooth the itch. Every time I get it I end up having to go to the doc to be put on prescribed steroids to kick it. I feel for ya honey, I really do!!!

Tracy M
yes, it irritates the skin, and actually can cause an infection, such as cellulitis. The clothing you were wearing at the time of exposure to the poision ivy should all be washed, even your shoes. If you wear them again without washing them you make the poision ivy worse and re-expose yourself eash time. You can try some calomine lotion (the pink stuff) also some benadryl for the itching. You may have to see a doctor if it gets worse or looks infected. You could need antibiotics or even some steriods to help.

yes, scratching the rash only spreads it.

Use Calamine lotion, the pink stuff, it stops the itch really quick and it's just for poison ivy. you can get it at any pharmacy.

yes.. it makes it worst you should never scratch poison ivy because you spread it to other parts of your body

Yes it makes it worse and spreads...

use calomine lotion, buy at walgreens or grocery store etc

hope u feel better .. xoxo

Scratching will make it worse...you damage cells, they release histamine, and histamine causes itching. Get some cortisone cream immediately and sooth the area with that..the itching will stop quickly. Good luck

Does scratching any rash make it better?

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