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Does a deep cut need to be stitched up if it is barely bleeding?

Xenie X
No, they rarely stitch cuts these days just stick it together with a plaster to keep it clean - if it doesn't heal well see a doctor

Al Inshearah
Just clean it out with a bit of spit and put a band aid on it

you don't have a lot of bleeding b/c you didn't hit any 'major" arteries. but if the cut is deep you want to get it stitched...get it closed up before something gets in there and infects it...

It really depends on the particular cut. If there is any question, get it checked out by a medical professional.

Weapon X
no I've had a few of these and they healed up fine the only thing that you can see is a small scar

Yes. If you want to get an infection.

no you can get a bandaid thats called a butterfly stitch and it will close that wound up im a cook and get cuts all the time it works

Yes, unless you don't mind huge scars. Deep cuts must heal from the inside out and could take months, whereas if stitched, only takes weeks.

The only thing stitches do is keep out infection and reduce the size of the scar. So if you keep it clean and it is not bleeding anymore than no. You can stop worrying about all the needles now.

It wouldn't hurt to get a checked out- they may do butterfly stitches just to prevent it from reopening.

Not necessarily. Last time I cut myself very deeply with a vegetable knife, I ran it under cold water for over an hour until it had definitely stopped bleeding. Then I put a very tight plaster and a large bandage round my finger. It took about 5 days to heal up, but it did. I kept it clean, kept checking it and I'm sure the scar is smaller than it would have been with stitches.
It's not that I'm afraid of the stitches, I just didn't have time to sit in Casualty for 5 hours waiting to be seen!

Put a butterfly bandage on it, unless something really dirty cut you .Then you need a tetanus shot and stitches while your there.

Not if you don't mind a huge scar...The other reason they do stitch besides to stop the bleeding!!!

Lori K
Yes. Otherwise, your risks of infection and complications during healing increase significantly.

I hate friggin' crybabies
probably... it helps it heal better if both sides are brought back into contact with each other. Also helps keeps germs out of the cut.

yes if you dont want a big scar

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