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Does Ginger Ale help cure the common cold?

There is no medical tests to prove it, but Ive found in black n latino cultures that our grannies gave us Seven Up without ice for stomach aches. i was lawyas told the bubbles helped! Could be one of thsoe great home remedies but i think it actually works.

Ginger Ale makes you feel better when you have a cold because it is gentle on the stomach and somewhat filling, sadly though, it doesn't cure the cold unless you consider the positive effects of feeling good.

If you are looking for some help though I'd like to recommend using more locally harvested honey (you can usually buy some on local farms). Honey Bees fly around and pick up germs in the air, when they make the honey it gets incorporated into the honey. This works much like a flu shot, it gives your body a chance to experience a significantly weakened form of the germs so it can learn to fight against them. Using honey throughout the year is a good way to reduce your likelihood of getting waylaid by the common cold.

Hope you feel better :-)

it doesn't cure it, but it helps a upset tummy.


No. The common cold is a virus, and although ginger ale may offer some relief for some symptoms, it is not an antiviral, so it will not cure any virus.

As of now, there is no cure for the common cold. I think if they do find it, it might help with the cure for the AIDS virus.

Nothing can cure the common cold... it is a virus, and viruses cannot be stopped by medication, much less ginger ale.

Nothing helps cure the common cold, but if ginger ale did, it would probably cost $17.00 for an 8 oz bottle.

Nothing can cure the common cold but time and rest. You should drink plenty of fluids, and if ginger ale floats your boat then OK!

Ginger ale (assuming it really does have ginger) has some benefit with nausea, so if you feel sick to your stomach it can help settle it.

No, but if you stir in a little JD with that you won't care so much that your nose is running. I hope you feel better.

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