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Do people get sores on there body when using certain street drugs?

Yes. Narcotics cause itching whether it's heroin, or oxycodone. Scratching causes the sores.

Side effects, impurities, fake drugs.

stop doing it, it's bad for your stick to weed

♥Cheshire Cat♥
Ive herd that when people use heroin that they tend to scratch there face or body which leads to soars but that's about it

could be


eeewww, you're gross, and dumb

They could have sores because they injured themselves or got injured while under the influence, and they didn't realize it.

They could also have contracted some sort of infection or disease if they were using needles for injected drugs.

Allergic reactions and some illnesses can cause lesions and sores and drugs can lower your ability to fight off these reactions and illnesses.

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