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Do i need to take another cpr class if my certificate expired?
I took a cpr class a few years back in 7th grade and the certificate was only valid for 1 year after the completion date. Now that im a senior im wondering is it necessary to reknew it? if so how? do i need to take another class to be issued a current certificate?

Yes...there are many changes,but don't let that scare you.Its not a hard course and if you ever have to ues CPR you will be prepaired to do it correctly. Ask yourself this..would you want someone doing CPR on you or a loveone who thinks they know how or someone who is trained and really know how. Recert by all means. Good Luck

soon2b mommy of 4

yes, you do. cpr protocols have changed since your certification. contact your local chapter of the american red cross for classes ant locations

yes you need to take another class. call ur local red cross

Sassy OLD Broad
Call your local fire department. They usually give a class for recertification every month or so...and it's a nominal fee. Or your local YMCA.

yes you need to renew the c.p.r. every year .
call your local american red cross .


Anyway, no, you do not need to recertify unless the school requires you to, but you should. Anyone that takes CPR should recertify at least once to reinforce what they have learned.

Yes. You need to take the class again. Check on the American Heart Association website, or check your local police, fire, or EMS department. They often offer, or know who offers CPR classes as all fire, police, and EMS employees need to be current in CPR.

yes you do if it is required at your job since you are a senior.

Yes. Check with your fire department, sometimes they give free CPR classes. Otherwise, community colleges often offer the class for a small fee.

Yes you will have to take it again. I need to do the same. I think everyone should have CPR-training. I use to work in a Hospital and once we had our 8-hour initial class to become certified then every year after we'd only have a two hour re-cert class. After I left the hospital then I would only have to re-cert every 2 years. Mine too has expired. Call your local EMS-Rescue and ask them when a class may be given for the general public. If they don't do it then they would be able to tell you where would. Good Luck. You never know when you may be at the right place at the right time and save someone's life. If you do this you may want to check in to getting one of those face shields, it has a mouth pc. that goes in the patient's mouth and a shield that goes around the mouth so that nothing is transported to yourself. Don't know but you may have to go to a Medical Supply store to get this. I got mine through the Hospital when I worked there.

CPR certifications are typically good for 1 or 2 years. There is a "recertification" course to renew after that.

bill j
yes you do, they are always coming up with new technics

You will need to take the entire course again to get another CPR card. Even those of us that use CPR on a regular basis must renew every 2 years and if you don't keep track you must do the entire class. Many details change from year to year and everyone needs updated on these anyway. I don't know what kind of a very basic modified course you had that gave you a one year card but you could take a standard course and the card would be for 2 years.

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