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 Sunburn remidies?
i got really bad sunburn, and it stings and itches. and i want to put something on it, but i dont want it to ruin my tan and make it just peel away.
do you guys know of anything that can relieve ...

 What is the difference between "good bacteria" and "bad bacteria"?
i heard it on the actimel advert and genuinely want to know the difference [obviously one is good and one is bad] but why is it so important etc....

 What would cause a sporadic sharp pain behind my left eye? Intervals: every 15 minutes for about 3 seconds.?
This just started in the past 24 hours. But when the pain hits, it's very intense. But thankfully for only about 3 seconds. I'm thinking it may be stress....

 Ive Been Constipated for 5 Days, and going on 6. Could There be a Problem?
Ive been doing this for years. I'm only 17. Prune Juice & the Benefiber will not help, just gives gas. Miner Oil will help sometimes. Should I consult a doctor? Is this too young of a age to ...

 How to prevent toilet bowl smells?

 If you have a sore throat but you know its not strep or tonsillitis what can it be?
It hurts to swallow. It feels like I hurt my throat after I had strep. And yes I finished all my antibiotics....

 If I gave blood back in March how long do I have to wait before I can give again?
Im just curious because I dont remember how long you have to wait. I regularly give blood when I have a chance....

 I am too skinny and i would love to gain weight,is there any medication that can help me put on some weight.?
i would also like to know whether exercise can help in putting on weight
Additional Details
do we have any injection that can help to increase the ...

 My dog has a huge lump on her neck that has burst open like a zit what can i do for her?

 I woke up because i thought i saw a flash of a bright light and then my heart stoped for a sec?
what does this mean????...

 What's the best way to fight a cold?
Leaving for a ski trip in a week, need to get well by then, any tips for how to fight my cold....

 How can I get rid of my baby' s hiccups?

 What are the symptoms of cat allergies?

 After effects of donating blood?
I have an appointment to donate blood this afternoon. My first time. I'm a little scared I will feel dizzy and lightheaded afterwards, and I have plans for tonight. What have others felt ...

 How do you get an earring that is really really stuck out of your ear?

 How can i get over flu or cold without using medican? any foods of juices?
i was wondering how i could get over a cold or the flu without having to use medican. i always think just drinking lots of juice.

see to me, medican can make symptoms worse then they ...

 How to reduce hot temper e.g throwing things or slamming door when getting angry?

 I quit smoking and have a chronic cough now that I didn't have before. Is this a side effect or abnormal?

 What is a good way to stop smoking?
I have been smoking for like 12 years and I want to quit but I have a really hard time with it. I was hoping to get some good advice to make it easier....

 Who bites their nails and who knows how to break the habit?
Just curious....

Do adults use babywipes on themselves? and why?
Do adults use babywipes on themselves and why? Do they use babywipes as an alternative to morning washing (college students)

easy2 get
best way to clean up and easy for someone handicapped

soaked in cider
I don't know what "morning washing" is and why it's relegated to college students but I use baby wipes to get a little extra clean after doing my business. If my bathroom had a bidet I would gladly make use of it but until then baby wipes will have to do.

I keep some in the bathroom and in the car.
They are great for removing makeup and for quick cleanups of hands and face, especially if you have oily skin and need to wash often.
They're also good for those glue-pooz that you'd otherwise need half a roll of toilet paper to clean up.

probably because they want clean bums too

Dr. Brian
I use those Cottonelle Fresh Wipes afterwards for that fresh and clean feeling.

yes i have used them for years and the reason is they r more sterile than toilet paper sitting on the roll collecting dust and who know what else

Dave R
I've used them to clean my hands when I'm at a park and there's no easy water source.

Wilde Enchantress
As a woman, I have some of the flushable wipes in the bathroom for use during "that time of the month." It helps me to feel a little fresher, and is more effective then dry toilet paper. We also have baby wipes on hand in the car or those little clean-ups that always seem to come up while traveling--from ice cream stickied fingers, to oil on the hands from the engine. They are also great to clean spots off your clothes in an emergency, in fact, I also cleaned ketchup off the couch with them!! All purpose they are, yes yes!

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