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bob's aunty
Cut won't stop bleeding, please help?
I cut myself with a new blade and didn't realise how sharp it would be. The cuts are quite deep, about 1/2- 1 cm. There's one on my chest and another on my leg.
How can i close it ?
I have sterri strips, will they work?
Additional Details
I don't want to go to the emergency room because they won't be able to put stitches on them anyway because of the scar tissue underneath the cuts.

I have cut myself in those places many times.


this is gonna sound weird but look for cob webs like on your walls and bunch them up then put on the cut. trust me it will stop bleeding

cool breeze
smooth move bilimic-if steri strip don't work use duct tape. it's not so sanitary but it will hold the wound together until it has a chance to clot off. next time numbnutz, watch out for what you are doing.

Relax. The strips will work. You should also try putting a bag of ice or frozen veggies on it...that will help also.

Live & Learn
Apply pressure for about 5-10 minutes. Cold water is used to clot it off also. Yes, put steri-strips close together over entire cut. Dont put no ointment on the cut b/c then the steri strips wont stick.

Apply pressure and bandage it up. If it doesn't clot up within a few hours or slow down to an ooze, you are allowed to worry.

go to the hospital, get stitches

Keep pressure on it until it stops bleeding, might take a bit, then bandage and keep the bandages clean. Next time, be more careful with blades.

sharon j
Oh, that must hurt.
It seems deep, go to the hospital immidiatly or it may get infected.

go to the emergency room. if your blood isn't clotting, you need to see a doctor.

♥ Candice ♥
its called going to the EMERGENCY ROOM or calling 911 tell them that you won't stop bleeding are you anemic that would explain why you keep bleeding

Take a clean piece of cloth and apply pressure on the wounds. If the wound does not stop bleeding, go to a doctor to get stiches.

did you get in a fight with the knife? use a butterfly thing, or go to doctor, watch out for sharp objects. if bleeding persists, seek medical website.

If applying pressure to the area doesn't stop the bleeding...get off the computer and go to the ER!


take a sterile gause pad and apply pressure with one or two fingers. do this for at least 15 minutes.

if you peel it off too early, it will re-open it and bleed more.

curious.. d you shave your chest? xD

dude..it's very deep.. go to hospital and let the nurses clean your wound, it's risky if u only know..

Lori S.
You need to apply direct pressure
with clean cloth,
only change the cloth used when it is blood covered otherwise not.
I don't think there is much choice of whether you want to go to the hospital to get stitches.
The stitches will close the cuts
but this need to be done within 24 hours.

Trout Pout (Lollie)
this won't help you straight away, because I don't have first aid experience. however, I do have mental health experience...

you don't say where you have cut yourself, but you do say that you have done it many times before - which indicates to me, you are doing it on purpose.

your user name alone is a cry for help "bulimic ballerina"

I'm not at all judging you, but I am scared for you.

please, please, please see a counsellor. talking to someone about your problems (no matter how small you think they may be) can and will REALLY help you.

I'm sorry I cannot assist with helping your injury, but please feel free to email me if you want to talk about anything. check my profile for my email, I dont check that one all that often, but if you let me know it's you, I'll give you my real email address.

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