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Carlo T
Contact lense broke in eye?
my contact lense broke in my eye.. when i took it off i saw that the middle piece was missing and one of my eyes were blurry than the other. i could also see kind of on my blurry eye because i think a piece of contact lense is stuck but i can't seem to take it out. this happened this morning. i wear acuvue 2 brand contact lenses

goto any eye doctor. Try going to a lenscrafter or some glasses store when their doctor is there and just ask if he can take a look. Maybe call ahead to see if they'll do it on the spot to save time

If you can't find it or get it out, call your eye doc, good luck, i know how painful that is!

Eye Doctor Now! If not available then go to the emergency room!

Good Luck!

go see your optician

Go to your eye doctor!

When contact lenses break in your eye they have the possibility of scratching it, which is definitely not good.

Did you try flushing it out with water? Might help but I don't know.

Go to the doctor. if you get an infection it may cause vision problems (more than you already have). If for some reason you can't, don't, won't get an appointment. Flush your eyes with 4-5x a day for at least three days with saline solution to prevent infection and flush out anything else in there. And DO not wear your contacts for at least a week. If it gets worse go to the doctor, I wouldn't wast my money and time going to the ER.

go to the doctor.your eye sight is nothing to play around with.

If the piece is stuck or doesn't come out easily with flushing they eye you will have to have medical help. You can cause damage to the eye by trying to do it yourself, not to mention the risk of infection. Go to an ER or an opthamologist they have the proper equipment and supplies to do the job safely whereas your family doc or optometrist may not..go now..do not pass go or collect $200 the longer you wait the more chance of complications

Do not try to take out the lens piece yourself - you could possibly cause more damage when poking around for it in your eye. A soft contact lens, such as the Acuvue you have, will most likely not cause any damage to your eye until your doc takes it out today. It will feel irritated, but don't let that worry you.

Go see an eye doctor to have the piece taken out today (an ophthalmologist OR an optometrist is perfectly fine - I have been an optometrist for years now, the person who said not to go to an optometrist apparently has no idea what they are talking about). I have pulled many a contact lens piece out of patients' eyes

Just georgeous dahling
Maybe you rubbed your eye and that caused the lens to tear. I've done that before. Just use a magnified mirror and see if there is any lens remaining in your eye. I would think that if it was still in there, you would feel it. The jagged edge it must have left would be causing you some serious pain right now. Just take out the other lens and put your glasses on til you can get a new pair. If you wear one and not the other it can really jack up your depth perception which would not be good for driving-- or even walking for that matter.

You should go straight to your DR or hospital and let them get it out, it could become infected and if you poke around to much you can take the top layer of cells off your eye

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