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Kelly O
Can you use rubbing alcohol on a small cut or scratch to clean it?
I know it will burn and there other alternative to using rubbing alcohol but is it safe to use for disinfecting.



The very best thing to do is to wash the cut/scratch with soap and water, and if needed, apply an over the counter first aid cream and a bandaid. Never use peroxide, and there is no need to use alcohol. Hydrogen peroxide kills thriving tissue. DO NOT USE IT.

yes of course rubbing alcohol is a great disenfectant!! you could also use whitch hazel

Just Me

It will sting, but works

Yes, it works very well in fact.

You can def use rubbing alcohol to clean wounds thats what its made for.

yes from experience and what i have been taught that the best way to prevent infection.in that event see a doctor asap.

Yes it is safe to use alcohol. Alcohol swabs are used all the time in the hospital to clean incisions, sutures, staples, etc.

yes i use it, it burns but it cleans it out good

Yes, rubbing alchol is fine, I use that. My grandma would use Witch Hazel cause it hurt less :)

Jon S

Joyce M
Rubbing alcohol is fine in small amounts, but in general it is not that good for your body. It will sting terribly too. The best thing to do with a cut (got this directly from a nurse) is to wash it out with soap and water and then cover it with a bandage.

You can but that is going to sting really bad the best stuff to use is peroxide

Peroxide will do the trick without burning.

It's safe to use and will disinfect but why put yourself through all the torture with other products on the market.

yes...use hydrogen peroxcide, pour it on it will bubble up a little and clean it
you can also wash it really good and put on some neosporin to stop infection
these are my two tried and trues...you can use both at the same time after the peroxcide and it airs out, put on the neosporin and bandage it

Yes, you can use it, but don't use too much. It can dry out the wound excessively. If you use it, follow by dresing the wound with triple antibiotic ointment and clean gauze or a bandaid.

Jammin' On The One
Yes, use Hydrogen Pryodixe. I'm sure I spelled it wrong....it's H2O2. It works great, cleans the area and does not burn. It bubbles and fizzes too....pretty neat.

Yes, it is safe but will hurt alot. You should really just wash the cut with warm water and soap, this will kill any bacteria present.

Yes, hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic and doesn't burn. Also there are many first aid sprays you can buy that will clean it without pain. Good old soap and water works, too.

shamyrah t
yes, you can but it stings .what i think you should use is peroxide that will clean the cut better .

Daniel L
You can use rubbing alcohol to clean the general area but hydrogen peroxide is more effective at cleaning out the cut or scrape itself.

NO. I can't believe all these people are telling you yes!!! NO.


Alcohol pads - should not be used on open cuts or wounds, since they cause tissue damage and delay healing. They can be used to prep unbroken skin for injections etc. or to disinfect equipment such as thermometers. While not a medical use, alcohol pads are also useful as a solvent to remove ink, adhesives, etc.

my nursing instructor said this as well

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