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Can you cut/get a cut on your eye?
i was takin off my mayeup, and i swiped a cloth along the bottom of my eye, but i might have scaped it with my nail becuz my eye started to hurt. is it possible to cut ur eye, if so how long will it take to heal? thanks

The unkown
The big man waz here!!! remember it!!!

It is very possible, and it would hurt, quite a bit. It may take a few days before the pain subsides. If it takes longer, see an eye doctor.

Yes, to answer your question. I accidentally poked myself in the eye when I was doing a home improvement project and had to go to the eye doctor. She put a healing contact on my eye, it stayed on for a few days and the eye was better when the contact came off. (sort of like a bandaid for your eye)

its probably pissible, but it should go away at most in a week

Tamara S
it is very possible it happened to me..a cat got it's claw stuck in the first layer of my eye. just don't do anything to irritate it, it only takes like a week to heal

o yeah its possible my friend was on the scateboard and fell and cut his eye it hurt him so bad but anyway it took him 3 days to a week to heal but it leaves a little mark then it goes away so don't worry but next time no affence be more carefull

Brittany M
yes u can..but if u just scraped the bottom of ur eye ..it may just be irritated bc a foreign object not necessarily a cut affected it...it should heal in 2 days or so if u do not mess it with

yeah, very possible. Not sure how long it will take to heal, but just be careful of getting makeup in it to avoid infections. Maybe you can avoid wearing eye makeup for a few days.

you could have scratched your cornea, does that eye tear up alot
esp in the sun?
very senstive and red?
if so plz go see the eye dr
you may need to put antibiotic drops in that eye

Yeah, you can.

Healing all depends on how deep the cut is. If it's really hardcore deep, then like... you should see a doctor.

If it's pretty deep sometimes a doctor's required, but all they'll really give you is some antibiotic gel/eyedrops and an eyepatch.

Usually it can be left. It'll be irritable for a while (A while really depends. When I cut mine it was real bad for like 3 days. I made my own eyepatch, but I think that was a real bad case and I was just silly to not see a doctor), but it should clear up on its own.

Yes, you can cut your eye.

You likely just scratched your eye, or irritated the cornea.

Unless you are having vision problems or blurred sight, you don't need to see a doctor. Just check it in the mirror a few times a day to make sure it doesn't look bad (some redness or irritation is okay), keep it lubricated with eye lubricating tear drops. The irritation will pass in a couple of days.

yes you can cut your eye. it will take a bit to heal as you will be irritating it all the time by blinking and make up and such. it will heal up but make sure you don't let it get infected.

yea u can cut or scratch ur eye. one time i accidently hit my sister in the eye with the back of a rake and she her eye was scratched up

Yes you can get a cut on your eye. I don't know how long it will take to heal.

robert s
Yes you can, the eye is just like any other part of your body. And it will heal just like any other part of your body, however the eye usually heals quicker than other areas.

Yes it is absolutely possible to cut/scratch your eye. However the eye is one of the fastest healing parts of the body. If it continues to hurt or if u start to have vision problems, then by all means go to the doctor. Other than that just let it heal.

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