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Can u tan in a tanning bed if u are pregnant?

You should think about your own health and your babys health, everyone thinks that using sunbeds are safe but they still have all the harmfull uva and uvb rays that the sun has, just in lower concentrations. if you were to use a spf with a factor 15 it would be ok, but that doesnt mean that you are safe from getting skin cancer. skin cancer can be one of the worst types of cancer because skin is the largest organ in the human body. the only safe tan is a fake one.

You can tan in a tanning bed while pregnant, however, its really pointless, considering pregnant women are only "allotted" 5 minutes every three days, as tanning beds, MAY cause damage to the fetus, (Which has yet to be proved) The best thing I can tell you, is to forget the tan for now, the baby is more important, and if you need a tan lets say for a special event, and want to look good, use spray, it really is not fun, but it is safe, and worry free.

No you cant tan when you are pregnant. They say you not even allowed to go in a hot tub when pregnant so of course you cant go in a tanning bed. That would be unhealthy .

You can, but you must be extremely careful. Women who are expecting should not raise they're body temperature to above 102 degrees or you run the risk for possible hyperthermic effects. You should limit your exposure to hot tubs, saunas, and fevers in early pregnancy.

Use that lotion from Jergens and skip the bed. your stomach will burn in the bed and your face will hardly be tan.

i wouldn't i have a tanning bed and i didn't when i was pregnet the doctor told me that it is really bad for the baby and it will change your skin color orange and also he told me to stay out of the sun as much as i can too because it will also make brown spots on your skin so if i was u i wouldn't and also stay out of the sun to.

Don't do it, it's bad for your health, and for your skin, and definitely for your unborn child.

It's probably as bad as smoking when pregnant. Don't do that either.

OR drink alcohol, or take drugs when you are pregnant.


I wouldn't either.
Why take the chance??
I wouldn't ask at the tanning salon for advise.
They don't know and would say anything for a sale.
Let's see, more important....
Healthy Baby??? or nice tan???
I'd go for the Healthy Baby. Lasts a lifetime..more satisfying and....you don't peel!!

Mrs. Rucker
i dont think its a good idea, if its something you need to question about usually its not good, if it was you would already know and wouldnt be on here.

it would be best if you didn't do that

I wouldn't.

ask a doctor... i would stay safe and not

╣China ♥ Doll╠
I'm not sure, I don't tan. Tanning in a tanning bed is unhealthy period. I doubt an unborn child would fare too well in a tanning bed.

noooooooooooooo are you crazy, just find a sunless tanning product there are lots out there that are good too.

Can you? Yes
Should you? No

Of course! and then right when your baby is born, just put a cigarette in his/her mouth!

I don't think it would be good for the baby,but check with your Doctor to make sure.

Silver Fox
I don't think so. It could cause damage to the baby. If U want to do it, why don't U do it just the natural way, taking some ray lights from the sun in appropriate hours.

please, don't do it! they sell self-tanning products that work. please don't.



no, Just like you cannot get an xray while you are pregnant.

everything's eventual
NO!!!! Tanning beds are unhealthy for any one but using direct UV rays on your body while you are pregnant is a definite No-No!!!

curious me
No! Don't do it! I don't see how that could be safe for the baby in any way. It's not worth taking the chance. A pregnant woman gets her own special "glow" anyway, really. Your skin is going through enough changes (stretching, etc.) without adding any more stress or damage to it as well. I seriously think tanning in a tanning bed while you are pregnant can be unhealthy and dangerous for you and your unborn child, especially. I am sure that pregnancy is making you more beautiful and glowing than you realize. Enjoy your pregnancy, and Congratulations! (early).

Nurse Annie
While there is no evidence that a fetus is affected by its mothers' exposure to either the natural sun or indoor tanning equipment, a potential drawback to tanning during pregnancy may be the risk of the woman's body overheating. Pregnant women are cautioned to avoid prolonged sauna and whirlpool exposure due to the possible harm to the fetus from the rise in the woman's core body temperature. Core body temperature is the temperature of the blood as it is pumped from the heart, which normally ranges from 99 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Extended periods of sauna or whirlpool exposures or prolonged vigorous exercise may actually cause this temperature to rise. This rise in body temperature could result in developmental damage or possibly death to the fetus.

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