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Can two parents with O positive blood produce a child with O negative?

wild cherry 69$$$
Now 2 be o POSITIVE n ur child is o NEGATIVE it could happen.Now it takes 48 chroms to make a baby u know that.Ur 24 n his 24.Well i have to tell how u can tell im an lvn but im at work so i have to teii u later i want 4get cha????????

Yes - I think it is the actual type (letter -in this case-O)that the parents pass on, not necessarily whether it is positive or negative. Here is a web link to a tutorial about blood types.

www.biology.arizona.edu/Human_Bio/ problem_sets/blood_types/inherited.html

Yes they can. This is about the rhesus factor rather than the blood group. The same question was asked on the source site and this was the complete answer:

Each person receives an A, B, or O gene from each parent. In this system, the A and B genes are co-dominant and the O gene is recessive. Thus, a person whose genetic type is either AA or AO will have blood type A, those with genetic type BB or BO will have blood type B, and only those genetic type OO will have blood type O. This means that a child with type O blood could have parents with type A, type B, or type O blood (but not with type AB). Conversely, if two parents both have type O blood, all their children will have type O blood.

Another medically important blood type is described in the Rh system. These genes were first discovered in the rhesus monkey, hence the designation Rh. The Rh system is actually far more complex than the ABO system in that there are 35 different possibilities that one could inherit from each parent. These, however, are roughly grouped into positive and negative types. In this system the positive are dominant over the negative. If your genetic type is ++ or +-, your blood type will be Rh positive. Only if your genetic type is -- will you be Rh negative. This means that if both parents have Rh+ blood with the +- genes, they could have children who are ++, +-, or --. In other words, their children could be either Rh positive or Rh negative. Children who are Rh negative can have parents who are either Rh positive or Rh negative.

Two parents who have O positive blood could easily have a child who is O negative. In fact, most children who are O negative have parents who are positive, since the +- combination is so much more common than the -- combination.

As it turns out, there are more than a dozen complete blood group systems other than the ABO system and the Rh system. This makes great precision possible in looking at inheritance and family trees.

NO, for sure

YES,definetly!! It happened to my freind.She was 100%faithful and the baby was hers.She talked to the hospital and they explained.It also happened with 2 of my mom's children.

Yes. The Rh Positive gene is dominant, so if both parents were heterozygotes (Rh+/Rh-) there is a 25% probability of producing an Rh- (Rh-/Rh-) child. It's simple Mendelian genetics - if I spelled Mendelian correctly I'll be astonished.... I didn't, but spell check caught it...

i don't know bout that..my mum is A type..my dad is is O typed...but me and my sis is AB+ typed.....


Brandon C
yes, the blood type is based on the genes of the parents, so there are 2 parts. being positive is a dominant trait and being negative is recessive. so the you also have to look at the grandparents. if one of them had both recessive genes and the other had postive, that would mean that one of the parents could have passed on the recessive gene and the other a dominant making that person be positive, but still able to pass on the recessive gene.

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