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Can i put regular lotion on a sunburn?
Got a sunburn but i dont have any Aloe vera, can i just use plani lotion? Or what else works good for a sunburn? ....ouch

Go to a plant nursery and get yourself an Aloe Vera plant.

They're super easy to grow and anytime you get a sunburn or burn yourself on the stove or something you just go to your aloe plant and break of a leaf and rub the gel on the burn.

Works great and it's always fresh and ready to use.

use noxema its the best

i dont see why not,......sure

PABA,real name para amino benzoic acid which is available from health food stores ,take the tablets in conjuction with Aloe Vera plant from which you cut off 2 inches of leaf and cut in half exposing as much flesh of the plant as possible rubbing the goeey liquid straight onto your skin gently and you will be able to cope.There was a guy at Eastway cycle racing circuit in London on thursday wearing full lenght tights because he was burnt,i said take this and that and youll be fine showing him both bottles.He said "thats good" but he wouldnt use it.He lasted about half an hour and had to give up.i find most people dont want a cure ,they prefer to pain


you really should try to pull the heat out. I have used vinegar,then aloe Vera to moisturize

Make sure your lotion doesn't contain any alcohol - that will make it worse! Take a tea bath - soak with about 20 tea bags as long as you can stand it, then slather on a thin layer of vaseline if you don't have any aloe vera.

no it will actually make the burn worse

Noxzema cream or Solarcaine spray are good for taking the pain away. Keep the area covered until it heals and try not to get sunburned again. Every time you get sunburned increases your risk of skin cancer later.

Honey, take the lotion and put it in the freezer for a while. This will make you feel a little better. My mother did it for my sunburn a few years ago.

if u got nothing, lotion still works

you can use regular lotion to keep the sunburn moist & to keep it from peeling, as for pain I think the absolute best thing is Aveeno, it is normally used for chicken pox to heal & soothe.All it is, is crushed oatmeal which means you can use reg. oatmeal, just put either one into a warm bath and soak yourself for about 20 minutes.I came by this when my son was 8 yrs. and his teacher babysat for me and took him to the beach, I had put sunblock in his bag but she never put it on him! He was FRIED!I had some Aveeno and put it in the tub and just kept pouring pitchers full of the water over his back and arms. Surprisingly it was barely pink in a half hour.It kept him from getting sun poisoning or going to the emergency room.

papa bear
most any skin lotoin will sooth,soften and releive the pain,,plus you will smell so pretty--lol.just joking,good luck....

yes u can but it wont help at all...get aloe vera gel...or anything with sunburn decreaser in it..

no you can go to a drug store and get a lotion and/or cream that will take away the pain and the color/redness fast and a regular lotion will not do that. and if the lotion is sented it can hurt you burn!(trust me)

I wouldn't recommend it. The alcohol and fragrances in plain lotion will set you on fire (ok, not literally, but you will feel like you are!).

Vinegar- its what my parents used on us kids when we were younger

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Some regular lotions can burn and make things worse....

Aloe is the best, but if you dont have any, try rubbing some butter on the burn....yes, butter.

And get to the drug store to find some aloe gel...very soothing.

yes that will work

no use vinegar

You could use regular but it will provide very little relief for the burn.

I wouldnt recommend it, you shouldnt put grease on a burn. White vinegar works great and the smell goes away quickly.
Noxema as someone else suggested is good too, stay away from the grease.

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