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Can a doctor release your medical records to another doctor without your consent?

No, you have to sign a consent form stating that that your current doctor can send your records to another doctor. If he does send your records without your consent you could actually have grounds to sue him, because he vialated the privacy act. And he violated doctor patient privlages.

It depends on how serious your problem is. My little brother has Crones so lots of Doctors talk to each other.
If you are worried then you should talk to your Doctor and ask him/her why they have past your information on.
As long as they haven't past it to someone isn't a doctor or spealist then they can't past it on.
If they have it is to get a second opinion. Hope this helps!

no, there are HIPA regulations that forbid any medical information be given to another person or hospital without prior authorization.

How now braun Frau?
He can...but if he gets caught, then he is in deep poop.

No, that's against the privacy law, he can get in trouble for that.

no i even had to sign papers to release my medical records to myself!

Not legally. There is a law called Hippa that prevents him from doing so. Hippa stands for Health information Portability Privacy act. He could be sued by you if information got transferred to another doctor without you first signing for it.

no thats against the law

No. Not unless they are on the treament team to which, you had signed with that particular doctor. If it is a doctor unrelated to this treatment team, you must sign a consent form. Read the HIPPA laws. You can find them easy on the internet.

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