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Bump won't stop bleeding?
i popped a pimple like bump on my chest and it won't stop bleeding. it's been 30+ min. i've been puttind pressure on it and it stops but if i take it off it runs down my chest/ HELP me

Ur dieing Buddy i will email u in hell

go to the emergency room! if something won't stop bleeding after that long you may have a clotting disorder, or, although it's unlikely, cancer!

Crown H
call 311

get some cotton wool and a band-aid. put the cotton under the band-aid(to absorb the blood and make sure the band-aid is on really tight.
it should sort it out. i wouldnt recommend putting anything on (ei: cream or salt or anything as its an open wound and it would sting like crazy) so just stop the blood flow and then see how it feels

good luck

keep appling presseure to it... if it doesnt stop in a little while go to the er. if it was a pimple like thing i dont see how it can be like running down your chest . but if it is go to the er and explain... does this happen often? ( where it doesnt stop bleeding if this happens alot you might have cancer, like leukemia. )

okk wel..put a bandaid on it!

Vote Nobama
most likely not a pimple..prolly a small ingrown hair..give it time.

put some **** on that, maybe like some salt and purell will make it feel better.

Munya Says: GFOD
Wow, you must have clotting issues--didnt happen to take some aspirin recently, did ya?

If it doesnt stop in the next hour, then you need to get it cauterized---go to the nearest ER. It doesnt hurt.

an ice pack on it hun or some dampened tissue paper pressed onto it.

Yea probably just an ingrown hair. It's draining just blood right ? Keep pressure for longer then a piece of gauze or a square of tp and fold it. Get a bandaid and put it on with the folded gauze/tp in the center so that it holds more pressure to the affected area.

Don't mess with it. Squeezing will just make it bleed more and possible get bigger and gather pus.

If you leave it alone and it's an ingrown hair, hopefully within a few more days it will be visible to remove with tweezers. Does it hurt to the touch and is it more sensitive when you move your finger in a certain direction ? If so then it's an ingrown hair.

If it doesn't seem to heal, get it checked by a doctor.

Stem it with a cotton swab, your blood should clot itself after a short amount of time like a minute or two at the most. dont apply too much pressure directly with a finger as youll only pull the clot off with your finger. Clean it with some antiseptic at the same time or you may get ill, dude.

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