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Bug bite on finger. swollen/numb?
okay so on my right pointer finger,i have a bug bite, about an inch below my nail. and my finger has gotten swollen and numb,i also cant move it..its freaking me out cause its getting swollen in more parts, like going down to the knuckle and the rest of the finger. my arm is starting to hurt, below the elbow though,but i am not sure it is due to that...and i don't know what to do. help!

and then my friend you die.

cool italian girl
it might be a spider or small tick or flea. u should go to the doctor so it doesnt get more infected.

Melissa P
go to urgent care. you may be having a bad allergic reaction to whatever bit you. if that's the case, you need treatment right away to prevent any further damage.

It depends on if it stings. I actually got a bite this summer and it turned out to be a "bee bite" Yea, my whole finger started swelling up. have some allergy pills and it won't be that bad.

Lesly P
well go to doctor or something worse can happen like
R.I.P irock

Kelley S
go see your doctor. it could be a bug bite, allergic reaction, cyst or tumor type thing. get it checked out. one other possiblity is that you got bit by a deer tick, in which case you really need to go to the doctor and get put on meds! no joking matter.

Go to the doctor, especially if it's spreading. The sooner the better; I wouldn't take any chances. Sounds like it may be a bad bug or a spider (possibly poisonous). Go to a doctor as soon as they have an opening or if it keeps spreading, go to the ER. Don't wait and take any chances or it could cause permanent damages.

Katie D
its ok
that happened to e too
its just a small allergic reaction
do you have a lot
also was it a mosquito (spelling?)
bite cuz that probably caused it but if it wasn't then this response means nothing

Pure Atheist
Ummm go to doctor?

if you have any lavender or tea tree oil, try dabbing at it with some of that using a cotton swab. clean it first of course. also you may want to see a doctor or, if you have any suspicion that it was a dangerous, poisonous bug, go to emergency and have it looked at str8 away. you can never be too careful about these things.

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