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Bad Headache throwing up help me what can i do ?????

Get someone to gently massage your scalp and temples while trying to relax. Dont have bright lights on and consider just going to bed since you will not normally wake up with a headache after a few hours sleep.

I really have done this several times ,for a normal headache exedrin ussually works with getting outside and in fresh air, but with me I have had this problem before and talked to alot of doctors up in the mayo clinic [minnesota] and they kept pushing percuset, darvacet,morpine,endocet,and even vioxx on me for headaches,well years ago I was in a motorcycle accident that split my head in 3 pieces,I was in a coma , well they removed my skull on the right side and put the bone in a freezer for six months to releave swelling of my brain, when they put that same bone back on my skull they couldnt replace my temperal muscal which works my jaw on that side and now I get these bad headaches that I couldnt figure out why thru doctors, had to work with dentists to find out why, but till today exedrine is what i take . good luck janelle

I had the same problem just last week. I tried to sleep it off but it only got worse. Then came the vomitting and nausea. Well, it eased up a little bit but the next morning I still had the headache. I didn't get any relief until I took a tylenol. Then I still felt light headed so I would most definitely say that it was a migraine

Drink a coke, the caffeine will help reduce the blood vessels in your head that are causing the migrane. Take some Ibuprofen as well.

Get off the computer.

Tact is highly overrated
sounds like a migrane, go in a dark room with no sound and try to sleep. I've heard that's all you can do. Good luck, hope you feel better soon

This sounds like a migraine.
Cool cloth on the head.
Cool, dark room.
See a Dr.

Always Right
try some aspirin.


Advil and lay down awhile.

If you can take asprin I would recommend Excerdrine migrane. It always works for me when I have one bad enough to throw up, but I'm not supposed to take asprin...lol

Sounds like you have migranes tell your doctor and he will prescribe you something strong. For now, take some asprin or tylenol, stay out of the light and lay down for a while. Try some alkaseltzer it has aspirn and soothes your stomach, it works for me.

take a migraine med., and put cool wet cloth on back of neck & forehead . the coolness will feel good . as far as the throwing up , just let it out . hope you get better

get a towel and run it under cold water, after about 20-30 seconds fold it in half and place it over your forehead, that should ease some of the headache, also take some Tylenol or ibuprofen, theres nothing that can help the vomitting to much, if your throwing up its usually because your body is trying to purge your stomache of something that doesn't belong there

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