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 Help - my grammie got me with butter!?
So yeah, I kinda burned my arm while cooking Easter dinner and my grandmother came at me with butter - which I later learned is a definite no-no too Daffy, so now I have an ickie redness on my arm (...

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 Burnt scalp?
I was dying my hair tonight, and it burned at first, but then it was ok. I thought it was just the inital dye hitting the scalp. I washed it out after 30 min and blow dryed my hair. Now my scalp is ...

 Why is dieting so hard to do .?
I am constantly hungry and I will lose 10lbs and gain 7lds back. Know any good diets that work. I was put on some medication and gained weight....

 Ok let me ask this question to someone intelligent?
ok i did not step in dirt or in poop or walked in the mud i have dry skin on the bottome of my feet and they have have turned brown on the bottom someone told me it could be cancer is that true no ...

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 When somebody chokes, why is it that blind finger sweeps should not be performed on infants or small children?

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So far I have avoided partaking, but everyone says it is so relaxing. So, why not?...

 I got a cut on my foot and noticed a red line going up my foot. what does this mean???
i think i cut my foot on a piece of glass yesterday. So when I got up this morning i noticed a thin red line going up my foot. I have heard that this is not good. Any help would be great ...

 Is cheese cake fattening?

 How do u cover old scars?
yes i did cut my self but im trying 2 stop .
so do u no any way 2 cover up old scars that wont wash off in water

plezz help

thanks ahead of ...

 I accidentally stabbed myself with either a pen or a pencil, what should I do?
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I was cleaning my ears when the cotton slipped off my Q-tip and is now in my ear canal. How can I safely remove the cotton....

 What do i do if my 2 year old ate some cigar tobacco(just a bite)?

 Can u guys recommend Some Medicine?
I was jumping off the Diving bourd and scraped my knee....

 This is very aggravating. Can somebody help me please?
I've had this numbness and tingling in the pinky and the left side of my ring finger down to the right side of my wrist on my left hand for about a week now. Now it seems as though every day I&#...

 My 4 year old daughter cut her foot. Should I bring her to the D.r?
She scraped it against a metal hermit crab climber, and i need to know if i should bring her in for a tetanus shot.
Additional Details
There is a series of cuts/scratches. There was ...

 Does putting hydrogen peroxide in your ear make ear infections go away?

 Why do we have fears? why do we care?
Additional Details
were all afraid of something. what makes us afraid of it?...

 Whats the best thing to put on a third degree burn pleaze help?
whats the best thing to put on a third degree burn that is bubbling up i dont know if it is a third degree burn but it hurts sooo bad pleaze help !!!!!!!!!!! A.S.A.P...

After being used, does flushing a toilet put bacteria and germs in the air.?

Yes.Close the lid before flushing.Keep your tooth brush outside the bathroom area bcoz these bacteria can strive on that.

Yes, it goes all over the bathroom. Even in your toothbrush. There was a special report on 20/20. Please close the toilet seat before flushing.

yes it does. I read a study where they tested people's toothbrushes and they found fecal matter on them. they put new toothbrushes in the john and flushed with the lid closed like 10 times and tested the new brushes. again they found fecal matter. that is really nasty. you might as well just use toilet water to brush your teeth.


just me
yes, tiny bits of water particles spray into the air. i know its nasty. thats why you gotta clean ur bathroom and use air refresher that kills germs. NASTY JAMOCA!

Yes, up to 50 feet. Closing the lid before you flush prevents this, because it does get on your toothbrush, in your cup, on your comb and anything else that happens to be out at the time.

Canadian lady
Yes, always close the toilet lid before flushing.

This is a common misconception because Bacteria is not airborne. So the answer to your question is NO! but i am sure that your toilet will be full of bacteria and germs

Sal Monella
nothing like a fecal coli geyser!

yes, but not any more than is already in the air. On Mythbusters, they put a bunch of toothbrushes near a public toilet and a bunch in a normal room quite far away from a bathroom. Both sets had the exact same amount of E. Coli.

And some high school girl just did a study that shows that McDonald's has more bacteria in their ice than in their toilet water.

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