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 I cut my finger and my blood is orange!!??

I was cutting the grass and I cut my finger off and the blood was orange like an orange!!!

Am i Iron man???!!! Plz plz HELP HALP HULP HLP HOLP HILP!!!!!
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A spider web can stop bleeding??
Can a spider web heal a wound ...(at least stop bleeding)
by covering the wound ~ ??

it surely cant work, the webs are to thin and to small plus youll probably get infected.

stick with a plaster

i dont no i dont think any1 has ever thought of tryin it
its a bit stupid
what wrong with a plaster or bandage

Yuck. I dont think so.

eughhh what planet are you on?!

silvey b
I wouldn't think so.
We are too large for spiders webs. better with sticking plaster.

eeew no thanks!

ROT1711 is right, but it will be a lot easier to find a gauze pad or large bandaid than a web large and thick enough to help.

I have also heard of this ,but I'm too scared of spiders to give it a try!

Thats very odd!! I have never heard that before...but I wouldn't have thought so no!

General Lee
I would sooner bleed out,than put spider web on me,
thay give me the creeps friggin horrible little monsters.

probably as like for like spiders web is stronger and more flexible than steel so if you could get get the spider to do this im assuming it would work

Luv Me 4ever
I don't think so

i might... but who knows?

dr h lecter
i was ready to say no as i heard somewhere that it was a old warrior folklore thing and it only serves to infect but if rott says so then i suppose it is.

also - apparantly people used to try and get a dog to lick a wound too, supposedly it speeds up healing.

If you could get a dense enough web, probably yes; in fact a new material is coming out that is based on a spiderwebs structure to do just that.

However, currently, your best option would be to get a bandaid of course, but I prefer a papertowel for small to medium cuts, because it will allow oxygen to the wound as it bleeds out a little and then clots.

For anything bigger, get a t-shirt and apply it to the wound with steady handheld pressure. Get a phone, dial 911.

I have no idea but have no reason to believe this is the case. Use something clean to mop up the blood and apply pressure to it.

Yes, absolutely.
When I was a child my father, who was a builder, often didn't have access to first aid such as plasters etc.

A spiders web will stop capilliary bleeding by giving the blood's clotting agents something to 'hold on' to and speeds the sealing of the wound, thereby preventing possible infection.

It works very well, you have to find a new web as older ones trap dust particles and other contaminants.

Of course a deep or heavily bleeding wound requires a more modern approach but as a 'survivalist' method, spider webs are better than nothing!

So although some may find it distasteful, I'd rather a web than an infection! :)

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