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 Have you ever had really bad sunburn write your story here?
The worst sunburn i ever had was in the uk as i didnt think i could get burnt. i always make sure i wear it on holiday but not in the uk. I think differently now though because I visited the www....

 A little wooden splinter in my finger..been there for about 2 weeks?
i have a little splinter in my little finger and i cant get it out, its been there abot 2 weeks now, its from archery. i was pulling the string and the string came off and i got a splinter..the thing ...

 If a ring is getting ready about to cut your circulation, and you can't get it of, what do you do?
I need answers fast I've had it on for about 9 hours now because I fell asleep with it on. Please, I don't want my finger to be amputated!!...

 If my infected wound gets anymore swollen...?
...what should I do to it?

I know in some cases, doctors make you pick it and peel the hard skin off and clean it out, but I'm not a doctor, so I'm not taking any risks, unless ...

 My bro cut his finger badly and went to the ER. They put stiches but it keeps bleeding. what should we do?
We can see that it is still bleeding b/c there were a few drops of blood that went through the bandaid. Does that mean that they didnt do the stiches properly?...

 What is the best way to deal with burns?
My daughter got burned on her arm today from hot liquid and oil from the stove, what is the best treatment for that?
Additional Details
we put the burn under cool water and gave her ...

 How do you get insect out of ear?
I think there's an insect inside my ear. Is there any ways to get it out without going to see the doctor?...

 How can I stop bleeding on my legs from shaving? Help, its been like 30 mins!?

 My boyfriends hangy thing (ulva) in back of throat is severly swollen~?
MY boyfriend woke up this morning and his ulva ((hangy thingy at the back of your mouth) is severley swollen its scaring the crap out of me but hes to stubborn to go to the doctors.. It is huge!!! A...

 Why do my shins hurt after I run?
I've started to run 3-4 times per week for about a half hour and after the seconed week all of a suden my shins started hurting, it's not just when I run it's all the ...

 What happens when you never eat meat?

 How do i keep from getting sick with sick people all around me?

 Are you thankful for what you have?
How do you show thanks for the things that you have and the people that are in your life?...

 Is ice good to put on a burn or how about alcohol.?

 Other ways to remove a splinter?!?
does anyone know any other ways to remove a splinter rather than the old needle dig in the skin?! any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
Additional Details
or does anybody ...

 STRESSED TO THE MAX how can I relax?
Exams are coming up in like two weeks and I haven't started studying yet and here I am typing this (procrastinating is my speciality)and I'm not sleeping well at night and it's ...

 Does putting lemons under your armpits really cure hangovers?
I heard that it does, I have never tried it... actually, it sounds kind of foolish to me. Has anyone tried this or heard that it worked?...

 I get sick so often how can i prevent from getting so sick all the time???

Additional Details
i get sick with different viruses that are going around. i am only 13 i dont smoke and i am in good shape. i am physicaly fit and i go to the gym often. i try not to ...

 How do i get water out of my ear?
its been in my right ear for 7-8 days now,
and my left ear since yesterday,
i went swimming yesterday at the hotel.
Please, don't mention Doctor, my mom
refuses to take me,<...

 I have a cut on my finger and i want to know if its infected?
i work at a deli and i accidently cut a small piece of the tip of my finger off while using a meat slicer and the area around the cut is white. is that bad?...

A cut on my leg is leaking "water"?
I cut my leg, at first it bled........ now it is leaking what appears to be water......... it soaked through the band-aid. Why would water be coming out of my leg?????
Additional Details
Just cut my leg about 20 minutes ago, so... it's not infected yet. .

cheslee w
have you been swimmin or sumthin

Well, how big is the cut. If it's a serious cut, don't put neosporin or peroxide on it...go to the doctor. If it's a minor cut, then what others have said is good advice.

idk but it's probably not water

That sounds more like pus. It could be infected, so I suggest putting an anesthetic on the cut, and go to a doctor if it gets worse.

try cleaning the cut with some hydrogen peroxide, this should clean it. it shouldn't be water, but perhaps puss. depending on whether or not it is infected.

It isn't water... It's just another fluid coming from your body. Probably pus.

It is not water, it is called intersticial fluid. Is your leg infected??
put the bandaid on looser- squeezing it will cause the fluid to leak out.

its not puss!!!!!!!!!!
mine does it all the time when i get a cut and its definatley not puss.
'weeping wound' is when plasma fromthe blood just leaks out as its trying to heal.

Depending on how long ago you cut it, it could be puss. I'd make sure to clean it with antibacterial soap and put some neosporin on it. Keep an eye on it if it gets red and inflammed or any other signs of infection I'd go to the Dr.

It's not water it's pus your leg it infected and you need to go to the doctor. Or at least put some peroxide or neosporin on it. If it gets worse it should turn red around the cut and ooze white pus.

That is lymphatic fluid and antihystamines trying to heal the wound. Do not touch it or scratch, change the band aid and keep it clean with a good antiseptic wash and a drop of tincture of iodine. After 24 hours, if it looks o.k, remove the band aid and let the fresh air circulate, but keep it clean and do not fiddle with it. It needs to form a scap which assists to protect it while the natural healing takes place under it.
Depending where the cut is, more fluid may seep, do not touch it. However, if the cut is large go have some stitches placed or it will leave a bad scar to say the least, the skin needs to close or you will face septic problems.
(The iodine will help to keep it sterile and dry but if you need stitches do not use it the skin edges need to be fresh to seal well together).

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