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Will eating only eggs make me lose weight?

Hey there
if you eat just the white part of the egg, i would recommend getting egg whites at the store its in a little container and they taste great and they also dont have all the fat!

yes, but it's not healthy because your not getting the variety of nutrients. unless, you take a multi-vitamin or something.

hell no , the cholesterol would kill u alone ur only suppost to have 3 eggs ( with yolk ) a week. ppl dont need diets, u only need to eat healthy, no candy ,no soda, and cut down simple carbohydrates (ex. white bread) eat ur omega threes , and fiber

~*❤*~ Spontania *~❤~*
no, you could get sick and die. plus, why would it make you LOSE weight? eggs have a high amount of fat calories. you should only have 1 every few days because they have high cholesterol too. and too much causes problems with your health.

Mrz.Nick Jonas
no,u just need to eat vegetables and fruits and the right amount of poultry(u can eat sweets now and then)eggs arent really healthy

it wont make you sick. you get plenty of protein and nutrients from eggs. they have no carbs, but they have a lot of cholesterol which also isnt good. you need a balances diet and exersize to lose weight.

nope, bad for you. eat fruits and vegetables and no junk

no not at all! eggs are healthy but not only eggs.

It might...but its not a healthy way to lose weight...

Beautifully Confused
yes and malnourished

codi m
well if youve heard of the adkins diet you know that you can only eat things with low carbs like meat and stuff and since egggs have no carbs you should lose alot of weight. youll lose alot of weight the first week ( i lost 5 lbs first week of doing adkins) but your allways tired and you gain it back pretty fast if you start eating carbs again

soo if your trying to lose a little weight for something on short notice it works but if your trying to lose weight permanenly than no.

just me
No it will only make you sick

margy s
I tried this once many years ago, and I lost weight, but I was feeling sick and realised that it was not a good way to lose weight. I'm afraid the only way to lose weight wisely is to be careful what you eat. Plenty of fruit and vegetables, lots of water, no sodas and very little fat. Even meat in moderation.

definately not a good idea - if you eat a well balanced diet -and get plenty of excercize you will lose weight and you wont be sick

Eating only anything will make you lose weight. It's called malnutrition.

Stampy Skunk
Egg whites are full of protein, the yellow yolk is nothing but a little blob of fat..... dont eat that part.

Melanie A
If you choos to eat eggs eat the whitess the yolk have tremendous amount of cholesterol and the whites are an awesome source of protein

no, it will make you fart so bad you will clear the house right out........seriously. you need a balanced diet and eggs only will not do.
try salads, lean meats, teas, water, yogurt, and other healthy foods.


nope,,it'll make you have cholesterol problems if you eat too much of it

Deedee H
Well, eating only chocolate will make you lose weight (if you eat a tiny bit). Eating only eggs will make you lose weight (if you eat just a few a day).
Now, if you're talking eating enough to feel full, I think that would just make you throw up let alone being malnourished and getting scurvy.
If you want to lose weight, there are no easy ways out. You have to eat a very sensible diet (you could eat eggs for breakfast though ). You have to work out. And it takes a lot of hard work and effort!
Tips: Eat all (or most) of your daily carbs before noon or one pm so you burn it off through out the day. And make them good carbs, whole wheat only! No white bread. Grill your meat (lean meat, chicken or pork). Fish is good too. Stock your fridge with fruits and veggies. For a treat, try fat free bean dip (yum!) with some fat free tortilla chips. And give yourself like one day a week to eat whatever you want! That way whenever you're craving like a piece of cake or pizza, you can say oh, I'll have that on Saturday (or whatever your day is). it helps you stick to your diet better. And drink plenty of water!! Take a vitamin.
Don't stress about your workout. You don't have to join an expensive gym or anything, you can do jumping jacks, or run in place...
Good luck!

You can buy egg beaters. They are really pretty good... The southwestern style are the best... And I would not recommend eating only eggs... Your body needs water, raw or steamed veggies, some fruit, and whole grains... I have also started eating Danon Yogurt Activia, it is great for a snack , the vanilla flavor is delicious...

Please add more to your meal plan... Your body will suffer later on from what you deprive it of now...


they have a lot of protein, but also a LOT of cholesterol

if anything it'll probably just make you fat, provided you don't exercise


Adult Toy Parties By Emily
Honey don't try those screwball diets. Messing with your food intake is hell on your body. Talk to your doctor to get a diet plan that's right for you, without messing with your caloric intake or eliminating important nutrients and vitamins from your menu.

Eggs are a complete protein,
The jury is still out on whether the cholesterol in eggs is the good kind or the bad kind
Wiki says it is the good kind of cholesterol in eggs

but eggs do not contain all the vitamins needed to support all your functions.

you probably get by with it with veggies and cheese scrambled in.

Ask your special ed teacher.

Answer Man of Yahoo!
No, but your farts sure will stink!

Right on
I don't think that you will lose weight by eating only eggs.... but most likely you will start to cackle..

No. Eating only eggs will cause malnourishment.


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