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i'm not huge but ive gone into a depression for my weight. i dont know why...im 5' 1" , 15 years, and weigh about 130....

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Am really considering doing this and live to tell it....

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i think i'm fat.
but i wear a size 00 pants and XS shirts.
but I FEEL SO FAT. everyday.

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andd it's not like a have a
six pack ...

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im 5ft 3 and btw the outfit was as a joke for a party , i wouldnt normally dress like that !

http://i22.photobucket.c Details

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bad intentions
Why havent I lost weight?
For over a month i have been doing a self control thing with my diet, Im a vegetarian, i dont eat artificial sugars or have caffine. I havent lost any weight at all which is what i would have liked, why not? I dont even eat that much.

Actually fat or sugar is not the big problem, it's the carbon hydrates.

You might want to check your diet and try to eliminate bread, pasta, potatoes and anything containing carbon hydrates.

Aside, it is not unusual that you don't see an immediate effect. The first thing your body does, is to adjust: If it gets less "fuel", it burns less. After a while it will start to burn the "reserves" and this is the time when you feel and see the wight loss.

Do not despair, you managed to get over the hard bit!

do u exercise as well if not this coud be the reason do 5 sit ups a day or as much as u can managae ... or.. u might need to look at it again ....

the first thing u have to do is to exercise.
Dieitng is not an efficient way of losing weight.
Avoid fatty food and eat nutritious food like sprouts and vegetables in plenty.
Eat lots of fruit juices like orange, sweet lime, apple, grapes as juices are zero calorie foods and daily dose of one glass of fruit juice is very good to lose weight.
fill your stomach with fruits when you are hungry. This way u will lose lots of weight.

I do not know your full situation but if you are skipping meals that will kill your progress. You should have 6 small but balanced meals per day.

Also, I have noticed that many vegetarian foods have a high oil content to make them taste more like meat. Contrary to popular low carb diets, the most fattening nutrients are fats because they have more than double the caloric density as carbs. I would recommend checking the labels of what you are eating.

If you drink, that is also a progress killer because alcohol has about 7 calories per gram (only fats are higher). Since the body has no use for alcohol, 100% of consumed alcohol becomes empty calories. In addition, alcohol disrupts the Krebs cycle and slows your metabolism.

I hope this helps. Here are some links with some info on fat loss.

sometimes u need to alternate wot u r eating, u might only eat a little each day but ur body will work harder if u r doing it right say eating three proper meals a day breakfast lunch and dinner will help u loose wait faster than eating a little bit here and there. Your body needs a good breakfast to get u ready for the day if you have no ENERGY INTAKE then your body has NO ENERGY to loose the weigth in the first place!!!

Also excersice will help you drop the pounds faster but as with food you need to alternate excersise if one day you do pilates then the next day MAKE SURE you do something different like yoga or areobics alternating your excersise routine will make your body work harder!

Abi Shaan
woah missy.
you are going totally the wrong way. I mean entirely the wrong way.
self control is good, and vegeterian is good, but the mistake is that you dont eat much. BIG PROBLEM.

you see when you dont eat much, your body signals your fat loss hormones to store more fat than burn them. this is an unfortunate advantage.. very unfortunate..

you need to eat atleast 6 meals a day of 350 to 400 calories with lean protein in every meal. and since you are a vegetarian i dunno any example of lean protein in veges, but i suggest you have a glass of protein shake in every meal. protein will help burn fat like crazy.

and you need exercises.
I promise you by doing this properly you can get excellent results.

And not slow boring exercises you do at the gym, you need less than 30 minutes. visit the site below to get a video of the workout and better details for your problem..

don't give up, try continuing what you are doing coz the result will show in 3 months time..

It is not matter what you eat is meat or vegetable. The concern is whether it is acidic or alkaline. Fruits are mainly acidic. Let me explain.

Fats are nothing more than stored acid. If you continue to take acidic food, even with exercise you cannot get rid of fats. Therefore you must solve the weight problem at the source : eating acidic food. By taking alkaline food, you prevent the intake of acid to create more fats. Besides doing exercise, you must eat only alkaline food.
Read the book "pH miracle for weight loss". See photos of people losing weight at ease. If you want to loose weight super fast, there is an alkaline liquid diet. According the book, people are loosing 10 pounds or more within the first 8 days. Go to the website below to see which food (and even fruits) that are acidic.

Mr. Dee N
Unfortunately, I am afraid to tell you this. It is true that men tend to lose more weight than women. I have no idea why. So my advice is that you must try very hard. It may be painful and exhausting, but you will be as good as new in weeks.

Not sure if your exercising , you didnt say , but that helps with a good diet , lots of cardio .... try this site might help you

Dr Frank
We are what we eat, but we are even more what we don't do. Most people think they can loose weight without getting off the couch. You can but it is much more difficult because the body switches to starvation mode and we use up less and less calories/day the less calories we eat!

You need to take 30-40 minutes of vigorous exercise 4-5 days a week. This will kick start your weight loss in conjunction with a sensible diet.

I've been to a dozen dieticians and they all agree on one thing.You need to trick your body into thinking that you're eating more to shock your metanolism i.e. have 5 small meals a day of foods which are low fat but high in energy like fruit and vegetables but you also need protein and fibres.Eat just enough so as not to feel hungry(don't overdo it)And don't eat after 7pm.Drink at least 2 litres of water and it will do the trick.
Let me know how it went and good luck

well, have u been exercising? do u get enough protein? being a vegetarian is awesome, but u need to get ur protein, cause u dont get it from meat. my doctor told me to eat stuff thats full in protein like nuts and stuff....peanut butter. this stuff will make u full, and u dont have to eat a lot of it. or maybe ur not eating enough. u should eat 6 small meals a day

I too have been trying to loose weight. My mum is a nurse and she keeps on saying to me that you do need to eat to loose weight. Just 3 small meals a day. Otherwise what will eventually happen is when you do eat, your body will store all of the fat from that one meal as it thinks it will starve again. Small but regular. Also what about exercise?

You need to exercise. When you eat less, your metabolism also reduces - your body slowly moves to starvation mode. You need to keep your metabolic rate at the previous (or higher) level to see any difference. The worst part is, your body continues that slow metabolic rate for longer, when you resume eating the calories you had reduced earlier. Hence, you will actually gain more weight

Losing weight is all about calorie intake and performance. In order to lose a significant amount of weight the right way, you have to reduce the amount of calories you consume, no matter if it's fruits and veggies, or ribeyes and mashed potatoes, and do a bit of exercise as a compliment. If you do these things, I assure you, you will lose weight.

You need exercise and to follow a proper diet.
Vegetarianism can help you lose weight due to the lack of saturated fats in the diet, but you must make up the other areas you may be lacking such as in nuts and seeds to gain your necessary fats.
Fried food should be avoided.
On a veggie diet try to eat as close to raw as possible and supplement also with B vitamins and a multivitamin/mineral daily supplement.
There are other tricks to losing weight as a veggie, you could always try to contact the web site for more info.

make sure you do lots of excersize to burn off the calories your body is taking in and also drink lots of water as this will help flush out all the bad things in your body and make you go to the toilet more which will make you lose weight. Also drinking water helps you feel fuller so you won't need to eat as much. Hope that helps and good luck losing the weight!

It is true that the conservation of energy applies to peoples weight, so what goes in must come out etc.
If you have not been unknowingly eating just as much consider the following options:
1. Muscle is denser than fat, so if you are exercising you might be replacing one with the other and therefore remaining the same weight.
2. It is possible that previously you were not absorbing all of the calories that you were taking in. As you have reduced the calorie intake your guts may have stepped up the efficiency with which they digest what you put in them.
This second point is more logic than knowledge.

"I don't even eat that much" is your opinion. Monitor how many calories you eat in a day for a week. Then next week eat 500 less calories per day than the previous week. You will lose one pound that next week. 500 per day X 7days = 3500 calories = 1pound of wieght.

missy m
Are you exercising??? When you diet the body goes into save mode, it thinks "Oh no shes stopped feeding me, I better save this fat for a rainy day" Changing your diet is not enough. 30mins 3 times a week should be enough to help you to move the weight. Good Luck

marie m
are you eating a lot of carbs by any chance? you know, the White Devil, refined flour, white pasta, white rice, white sugar?
Vegetarians tend to relay on pasta and rice products a lot at times; switch to brown rice; brown bread or bread made with spelt flour; if you eat pasta, make it wholewheat or buckwheat.. No white sugar; use honey or unrefined sugar for sweetening.

have you been eating extra of other stuff?

are you actually over weight, if you are at you normal weight, it will be hard to go below this without depriving your body of vital energy.

It is the total energy intake that matters. Calories etc..

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