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 Guys, this is for you??
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Why do women care so much about losing weight?

They care so much about losing weight because, women are more self-conscience about their bodies than men...in most cases!

Because you guyz love someone without any fat around their waist.

Girlperson took my answer, word for word!

girlperson has the right answer and it goes the same for guys who want to lose weight and gain muscles

it's noy nice having excess fat it looks awful

Stimpson J. Cat
Have you looked around lately? It's apparent that some of them don't!

Because of men, usually. Their standard for beauty usually involves someone slim and trim. Some cultures, though, appreciate my bodacious (but not fat) curves.

cuz then we feel pretty

Meg L
because guys pressure us to be perfect and skinny a lot of thee time

From personal experience-
Being fat is not healthy.You sleep more,get out of breath faster,your personal life gets duller.You dont look very attractive.
I am 5'8 and before I started dieting and exercising I weighed 215 lbs.My husband loved me no matter what,but I knew he was not still attracted to me like when i was smaller.I had no energy for work or my kids.So I decided to diet.I lost 37 lbs. in 3 months.And I am still losing weight.I feel a lot healthier and have more energy and my husband loves the results.I have 28 more lbs. to go.I will be there by the end of October.

cecilia a
to women being skinny means being pretty. idk why but it jus does lol we try to REALLY good for the guys. in our heads we think guys only want skinny girls. hope that helped u out.

I myself am a bigger women whom has struggled for years to get the weight off. I went up to 300lbs full term with my son!! I was huge. I lost 30lbs in two weeks right after having him. I had what they call toxic pregnancy. I'm now down to 250lbs and that is the lowest I have weighed in years. Anyway, I think that women care so much because in today's world that is what it's all about. The Holly Wood stars and all the models and so on. People expect to much and I think it's sad that most every women thinks they have to have the barbie body. It is truly amazing tho how often I hear from men that they want a real women! meaning someone who is not worried if she eats a chocolate bar that she is going to gain weight or if she is already so skinny and always Say's she fat! today's world puts so much pressure on people and It scares me for my children and my Daughter who will be going into high school in a couple of years.. what is she going to face then!!

I don't get women, even though I am one. I don't get most people when it comes to diets. Eat what you want....try to eat fresh and healthy most of the time...you want cake,,eat it!

Just get out, walk, hike, move your body...no need to sign up with $800 per hour classes.!

Remember how much fun it was to be a kid! Go to a playground, for crying out loud! :)

mom of 2
We're under a lot of pressure from society and our men to look a certain way and among other things, that often involves being a certain weight. Take a look at women's magazines or women on TV, you'll see what I mean. It's hard to ignore.

Because i dont feel attractive if i put on weight, i want to look nice in a bikini, i dont like sitting down and looking at my legs or hips, there are heaps of skinnier people out there and i dont want them looking down on me, i have anxiety that makes me feel uncomfortable... lots more reasons and i am 5"5 and weigh around 110 - 120

they care so much about weight because most guys like that. Plus a lot of women's clothes are made to be tight on them. So if you are not a skinny woman, your figure would get very distorted. (or something like that)

Because, men care about their figure, don't you? Would you wanna date a 300 pound lady? I didn't think so, lol

Why do men "judge" woman by there weight?

pedro p
because they think that if they are skinnier men will pay more attention to them .

Kate C
Guys, other girls, and the media

So I don't break my boyfriend's legs when I sit on his lap!!!!

Because guys don't like fat chicks. = P

Because we want to look nice and attractive. Even if a woman is not fat, if she sees herself fat, then she will not be happy with herself and start caring about how to lose weight.

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