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 I am 5'5 and my weight is 140lb. Do you think im fat?

Why do I feel like I am gaining weight when the scale says I am loosing weight?
I am 5'8 and weigh 135 lbs. I play soccer (2 hours every weekday) and since the season has started, my scale says I have lost weight- nothing more than 3 or 4 lbs but still- anyway I feel like I am gaining weight- in my stomach area- and if my scale didnt keep reassuring me that I wasnt I would be feeling really fat right now- Is my scale wrong? am I really getting fatter? or does it have something to do with me playing soccer every day?

I'm so confused!

You are anorexic, fatty.

youre just a girl. girls always think theyre fat.

it could be that your turning fat into muscle considering as much as you play that could be the case and it may not feel as though you are losing because of that

its all in your head...especially if you are younger than 20 and are still dealing with puberty issues. if that is the case puberty makes you gain more fat around hips, stomach, thighs...all areas around where a baby would potentially grow to make sure that your body could sustain it if conception was achieved. of course since i don't know how old you are i'm hesitant to propose this other reason but i might as well let you know. as women age they naturally lose lean body mass (better known as MUSCLE mass). this muscle mass as it is lost is just replaced with fat. cardio (i.e your soccer playing) is not enough to prevent muscle loss...rather you must add resistance training to your exercise regimen.

Julianne G
that happened to me. i dont really know why it is, but you could be either drinking more water than usual, eating more food but burning the calories in soccer, or you just are gaining muscle or something

You're not... just an allusion. If you play that much soccer, you probably don't need to worry about your weight. Stop using the scale for a while, it lowers self esteem.

Miss Tristessa
Maybe you should measure yourself as well as weighing yourself - that way you can reassure yourself that you're not gaining inches while losing pounds.

But it really sounds like nothing is wrong, and the constant exercise may be giving you greater strength and fitness, which may FEEL like gaining (even though you're not).

chiky chiky
well your probaly gaining muscle and muscle weighs more than fat so thats probaly whats happing?

Joyce T
Muscle is more dense than fat. You can loose muscle and gain a couple inches of flab and weigh the same. You also may be in need of hydration (maybe?). My weight slides between 134-137 depending on hormones, holiday eating, etc. I went down to 131 for a minute last year, but started weight training and am a more fit and firm 135 right now. (5' 7.5")

Your body is simply changing. You're probably losing fat, considering you play that much soccer, and gaining muscle, and muscle sits on the body much differently than fat, not to mention it's quite a bit more solid. I think you should stop using the weight scale as a measure of your body composition. The scale will never, ever give you an accurate answer. If you do want an accurate answer, get a physical from a doctor and a bodyfat test (calipers and dunk tank).

I used to play softball on a similar schedule as your soccer playing.....i always felt like i was getting "fatter".....but i was just gaining muscle....changing the make up of my body....less excess fat....more muscle.

I eventually became obsessed with the number flashing on the scale....

do you're clothes fit differently? Fat weighs less then muscle but takes up more space (muscle is tight and condensed but fat is more "fluffy") so don't go by the numbers on the scale. If you're clothes are getting tighter, you could have gained some fat.

You're losing weight but you may be gaining a bit of muscle tone as well.

Make sure you drink lots of water! Stay hydrated.

Mr. Q
you must be losing the weight in the wrong places like say you legs! and it might not look so good to you, because in reality all your working out is your legs.

daihatsu man
Your fat and muscle are probably relocating on your body, if you are exercizing you lose breast mass and build up mass elsewhere.

sounds like ur gettin bloated.
theres medication u can take for that

-The contributor-
you are feelling more fat ou you you see like if you have more?
if you see it it can be because you r loosing wiight in all your body and you r loosing more slowly the fat in your stomac than in the rest of your body... take some pictures of you, and check them (before.........after) and you will se results

HELLLOOOOO mY nAME IS ..........
that happens to me to its so weird i dont know why that happens

the bells today
You are definitely no where near being overweight considering your height and weight. But you know what? I'm the same way but sometimes just feel "big." I've found it's when I'm carrying water weight. For example, if I eat a bunch of salted popcorn at night, the next day I feel totally huge but, of course, the scale doesn't reflect my feelings. As far as playing soccer, that's the one thing that shouldn't contribute to your fat feeling around your tummy. My guess is something you're eating or drinking is causing your full feeling around your abdomen. Hey, soccer rules!

you are probably bloated......that`s all..........

♥Cali Girl♥
wel when im losing weight for some reason i get a little chunky in the face area and stomach but in a couple of days it goes down so i dont know..eigther way you shouldnt worry your skinny to be 5'8 and only 135 =]!

paper tiger
i think you are creating a problem in your head and it isn't necessary. you play soccer...that is healthy...are you eating healthy as well? if you are then i wouldn't worry about what the scale says...you need to have a positive image of yourself...too many girls are having this negative body image and we need to promote this good and healthy body image...be different don't be like those other girls who whine about "oh my gah..i gained half a pound...!" and be a good influence eat healthy, exercise and don't fall into that mode of thinking you are getting "fat"...

Some people on here need to learn when NOT to type! For your height your weight is good. If you FEEL heavy it is most likely bloating, read on...

I don't get the statement others have made in regards to the weight of fat as compared to muscle. Your fat does Not turn into muscle, a common myth. However, as the fat is being burned and muscles are being developed, you may Appear bigger in your stomach area, when actually it will go down with time. Thats alot of soccer, have fun!

You may be gaining muscle...since you play soccer. BUT the scale is telling you you're losing weight.... buy a different scale,that one could be wrong.

Weigh yourself exactly the same time every morning,usually before eating or drinking.This way it does not matter if your scales are exact or not,because you can judge whether your losing weight or not by what the scales tell you each morning.Weighing at the sametime everyday and wearing the same amount of clothes each time is the only way to ensure whether you are losing or gaining weight over a set period of time.

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