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Why can't I run more than 2 miles?
I am young, fit, and healthy....but after 2 miles in my neighborhood I am dying!!! Why can't I do 5 miles like some other people?

we're all different.

Just Me
I used to love to jog, but I always gave out after about a mile and a half, so you've got me beat. But I'm old. lol

Because they have supernatural powers. Don't feel bad, I can't run 2 miles to save my life.

could be the humidity

or most likely the conditioning of your body. Don't worry, I was in the same situation. It just takes time and practice.

because you're faaaaat

Dont' try to sprint them, build yourself up to it, try to build up your endurance not your speed. Drink water and stay hydrated.

alot of garbage lodged in your system, clean it out

u have to built your stamina , it takes practice dear

Either you need to condition more and get in super shape, or maybe you're just not a long distance runner.

Hi, I am young and aspired to run myself, the problem I face is that I smoke, smoking is a bad factor, which I MUST eliminate from my lifestyle if I want to run fast again. Try to elminate factors from your lifestyle that could have an affect causing a negative effect unto your health, for example doubting things. If you doubt something you cause a flow in your mental health, in a sense, making you fatigue easier. Try that for starter. I really dont run anymore, I used to run recreationaly. As far as exercising goes, I used to run once in a while. I was distracted by things, causing my endurance to drop. Constant Maintainance of the body is essential, fluid intakes, by the ounces. Also, timing is key, time your energy output so that you dont fatigue, dont get stuck in a relaxing position, unless your flexing.

Ask this girl
even two miles is a lot.hah.for me,at least.maybe you just get really tired and you should drink more water while running.

Sim S
This is because your body takes the first 10-15 minutes or so to adjust to you running. The heart rate increases, your breathing increases, you start to sweat, etc. It takes a while for the body to adjust in these ways, and while it's doing that, you feel tired. After those first few minutes, if you're in good shape, that feeling goes away, and you will no longer feel tired. Keep slowly increasing your mileage, and you'll get to the point where 2 miles will no longer be a big deal.

you have to work up to it. start by running one, walking one, and running one, then run 1 1/2, walk 1/2 and run one and keep building up like that.

Get it Together
It's not discipline. You are disciplined to run two miles, now you have to work your way up to 5. Here's how. Run your usual two, then push yourself slowly for just another 2 minutes. Then sprint for 30 seconds by running the fastest you can, then cool down. When you get use to this, increase your distance by adding intervals where you sprint, then jog or walk.

You can run 2 miles wow didnt know it was possible. Makes me tired just walking to the fridge.

monica r
r u in cross country? my brothers are and they never even start running until the season starts. maybe you're not made for running. just pace yourself. i started training for cross country and my coach said to just walk briskly for 15 or 20 minutes at a time for about 2 weeks and then run 5 or 10 minutes and build up from there. if u'r in a running sport and can't do it though, then try something else. like cheer leading. i'm in it right now, and we still run and lift weights and stuff, plus it's more challenging than people really think it is. good luck with the running!!

Because you spend too much time in front of a computer and not enough time outside..

Oh-I do to.

Do you smoke? That would do it. Otherwise, it's possible there is a certain element in the air, in your neighborhood, that your body is reacting to. I realize you are healthy but have you ever been tested for allergies?

I thin u r not fit. I suggest you start jogging 1 mi. everyday. slowly increase distance.

Clifford H

no stamina like moi

well if u smoke then there ya go, but if not everybody is different, its just your body.

I understand your impatience to run hard and long; I have the same problem. But you have to build up to it. If you try to start off too close to your goal and too far from your capability, you will crash and burn. Luckily, I found a very good free online source of help.
Take a look around. Find a plan you think you can do (remember, without a challenge, you will not grow- but you cannot grow under too much of one) and stick to it. Loyalty to one plan and not skipping out or going easy on yourself will not get you results. Also, I like to keep a log of the running total of miles I've done on my bathroom mirror. While this may not be for you, it is very encouraging to see the miles piling up.
Some more tips and hints-
--Try not to run less than 1.5-2 hours after you eat. However, again it depends on what you feel comfortable doing.
--Get some tunes. Honestly, I couldn't run without 'em. Sometimes, though, it's nice to get up extra early and to the serenading birds.
--Get sleep! I cannot emphasize this enough. You're body needs sleep to grow, re-energize and repair itself. Without the proper amount of sleep, your body will lose all these abilities and slowly rip itself apart.
--Listen to your body. If your legs are so sore you can't move, listen to them and take a day off. Rest days are as important as your workouts in staying fit. Take a long walk or lift some weights. If something hurts, take care of it. If it hurts long enough (2-3 days) take it to be formally looked at. My sister just broke her kneecap form running too hard, too long, and not listening.
--Consider tri-training. If you get bored with running, go back to the above website and look at tri-training. It's what I'm doing.
--Remember, your shoes are as important as your body. When running, as much as a half ton of force per stride can be put on your muscles, bones and joints. Your shoes are the only thing between them and the road. Take a look at your shoes about once every week to make sure they aren't dying. Check out what kind of foot/stride you have (http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,5033,s6-52-167-0-7152,00.html)
and buy shoes accordingly. Also, if your knees or other legs joints or shins start hurting for no reason- it will most likely be your shoes asking for retirement.
--Keep asking. If you aren't sure about something, stop and ask! A little confusion and a question is a billion times better than a full leg cast. Even if you think it's stupid, people out there will listen.

Work hard and always see success!

i <3 helados
u have less of a drive, and u probably havent really ran that much in ur life.

- K a l l ! -
just keep working at it...you'll get it

Tracy L
You have to condition yourself to do this. It can take a lot of time, depending on the person. It took me forever to get past the 1 mile mark. I eventually got up to 5 miles.

keep running! it is boring. that is why. when you run you are exhausting yourself. you don't have enough discipline that comes with more practice. focus focus focus

cause ur workout isn't as tough as the people who run 5 miles everyday. if u want to run 2 miles without stopping, i recommend ur daily workouts to be atleast 3 miles, running + walking. slightly increase ur distance every few days and if u keep it up, u can run 2 miles easily. one way to achieve 2 miles easily is not by running 1 mile a week. tat kind of cardiovascular workout isn't enough. only by overworking ur heart can ur heart get stronger. just remember to push urself if u want a cardio arobic workout. a workout isn't good unless your "suffering" ^_^ tats what my coach always say.

Because you just said I can't.

it takes endurance, it doesn't just happen. it's great that you can run 2 miles- many people can't do that- but getting up to 5 takes some practice, consistently. Don't just jump to it, slowly increase your mileage weekly. It's easy to get a plan online, just make sure with your doctor that it's safe to exercise like that, because it is very strenuous activity. Make sure to take AT LEAST one rest day a week so that your body can heal from all the high impact exercise, and also, remember to stretch before and after running, it really helps prevent injury. Lastly, drink tons and tons of water- your body needs it. Hope I could help! Good luck!!!

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