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mol c
Why am I dead tired at the same time every day?
I work 9 to 5 in an office. I have a beautiful office to my self with lots of light. Every day around 2 or 3 pm I get so tired I don't feel like I can keep my eyelids open. This lasts through the remainder of the work day and I usually fall asleep on the subway home. Once I get home I have lots of energy again and can't sleep until about 10:30 or 11 or later. I'm not sure why I am so drained every day for these hours? I usually get 7 hours of sleep, waking up in the early morning to work out before work. I drink coffee and take MultiV's and eat a good breakfast usually cereal with skim milk and lots of fruit. I eat good lunches too, usually good sandwiches with cheese meat and veg and potato chips. For the most part I have a very healthy balanced diet and I work out 5+ days a week for the past 18months. What can I do to make myself not be so tired?
Additional Details
do you people even read before you answer? I said I WORK OUT EVERY MORNING so why are you telling me I should do just that when I already do it?

Freg A
you need to drink donkey milk, that will boost you

thought about excercising? working ou, maybe go run your local trail around 6 go to ymca around 7 and then go to work

I think it is because your sugar is low and maybe you need to like drink a red bull or something or maybe you should try taking a nap because that seem to work since you said after you get off the subway when you fall asleep then your full of energy agian.

Larry G
People are supposed to take a short power nap every day for about 10-15 minutes. That's why the big corporations are setting up nap rooms for their employee's to nap in.

Your body has a natural rhythm called a circadian rhythm. That means you'll wake up and fall asleep at almost the same time each day. Try taking a benedryl before bed. Or try going to bed earlier and cutting out that little snooze on the subway.
If you adjust your body to sleeping 8-9 hours each day you'll never feel tired.

Shell P
You may need to see about getting some blood-work done at your doctor. These could be symptoms of a Thyroid or other Auto-Immune response.
Just play safe. I have these & I have both Lupus & Over-Active Thyroid (Graves disease).

It's your body telling you you need a short siesta. We're meant to have one. What I do is have a short power nap during lunch for 10 minutes. This resets your internal 'go' button. As long as you actually drop off, it works. To make sure you wake up, you tell yourself to have 10 mins before you drop off. You'll wake up fine and refreshed, ready to take on the world

Although you may have a healthy diet, you need to make sure you are eating the RIGHT types of food needed for energy. Also, are you getting tired after lunch? Stay away from the foods that cause drowsiness, e.g. turkey sandwiches, milk etc... Also, before you START getting sleepy, try doing something stimulating during your lunch hour, like taking a brisk walk, jogging up/down stairs at your work. AND KEEP UP your water intake. Once, I realized "wow - I haven't taken a nap in WEEKS!", and not too long after I discovered that my water bottle was 1 qt (32 oz.), and I filled it and drank it twice daily (I did ALOT of walking back & forth from the kids' school!!) giving me the suggested 64 oz daily. I was quite surprised and VERY pleased with my energy level!!

I'm like that too.....You may be bored. ;) Get up and take a break...shake a leg! ;)

do you sleep late every day at the same time?! i am like that! i started school and i always sleep at 11:00pm! i then get alot tired!!

i have experienced it. have got it solved. you can do this, reduce the meat intake during your lunchtime, especially red meat and reduce the intake of carbo, because meat and carbo is very hard to burn, if you take it during lunchtime, all the blood flow to the stomach area and hence causes your brain to react slower and then fall asleep.

i got this tip from a friend that open a artwork production house and he is the director of his company. he need plenty of times to work on a artwork, so he need full 100% concentration inorder not to rework on the same stuffs. So with his tip, its works.. so hope it work on you too.

what happens around 2 or 3 p.m. your bodys sugar level begins to drop .so therefore you need an midday snack,such as an apple with 2 graham crackers and a glass of milk about(4-6 ounces).. try this if you will..

Mr. "Diamond"
Not meaning to "pry" but it sounds like you "over do it" Look at what you wrote? try munching during the day (energy stuff)never get full...work out 3 times a week and get more "relaxing time in" and cut out the coffee-drink more water...mixed with juice...and look forward to a good dinner when you get home..this will knock you out earlier and you will get longer sleep....a good book at bed time wouldn't hurt either...lol.....

Mike K
Try eating smaller meals more frequently. Especially one at 2:30 pm.

You may need to sleep longer than 7hrs at night. Also make sure you get enough iron cause it can cause you to be tired. Your work environment could cause you to be tired also. If you have a quiet office that is cool you are more apt to want to sleep after eating lunch.

It happens to all people shortly after they had their lunch, (but not necessarily after lunch). You need to take a short nap at the time you feel so tired. Siesta is a good example. It is natural. It is biorythm. It is in our genes. Our predecessors hunted for food (wild animals) in the morning, and when they had killed the pray, they cut it and coocked. By that time it is already a noon. They eat, their, stomack is fool, they are happy. Endorphines released by their brains into their blood stream and they experience euphoria, and go to sleep. We inherited that circade rythm. That means you are a normal human being. But only few business owners, managers and supervisors understand that, and that's why we are not allowed to take a nap after lunch at our work places.

pendejo ME!
i dont know but i have the same problem

$ - (

It's normal for the body to feel drained after lunch. A nap is very normal and you should take a short one. Also you might be experiencing low iron or blood sugar and eating a light snack on something like an orange might help.

OOO! I know! I know!
Have a healthy snack around that time.

I think this is the reason...and everyone in my office treats it with "afternoon coffee"!

When you eat lunch around noon you nourish your body and your blood sugar levels go up. After lunch you begin to digest but around 2 or 3 those blood sugar levels crash again causing you to become very sleepy....

My teacher in high school told that to the class...it was an afternoon class and we were sleepy.

In the worlds of Brigham Young, and I paraphrase. "If your tired, sleep."
Try a power nap! A lot of the world population sleep during 2-3pm. A power nap for you may work great. Some people need more than just 7 hours of sleep. Try working up to 8 or 9 hours. Don't over eat on lunch. Eat slow and only till your not hungry anymore, not till your full.

laura seeks the Kwisatz Haderach
Are you bored at that time ?? did you eat sugar before this happens?? If you can get up away from your desk and move or walk around that might help. internal time clock, do you take a nap on your days off during this time ?? do you eat a big lunch ?
Do you eat turkey for lunch or a soda ?? write down everything you eat for a week and see if that might contribute to you becoming tired....

could be a number of factors.... firstly, try to eliminate what could be the cause, are you stressed at work? do you have a normal bedtime routine? i think a lot of people suffer the same problem, perhaps look at omitting any preservatives from your diet........AVOID potato chips! perhaps you could arrange to have a workout during the day on your lunchbreak. maybe you are just over worked? mental stress can play an enormous part in this. maybe you should take a 15minute relaxation time during your work breaks

Jeremy C
This is probably why:


You might need to get more sleep, seven hours may not be enough for the active lifestyle you lead. It could also be your circadian rythms at work. Try taking some kind of walk for 10 minutes or so during lunch to get your blood moving.

good luck

kathy s
It could be you are one of those people who should really have a nap every afternoon. People in other countries are allowed to siesta. Or have your blood sugar levels checked out. Most people suffer a dip in productivity after lunch. Everyone gets a little sleepy then. Try eating high protein only at lunch time - chicken, hard boiled egg whites - and no carbs or fatty luncheon meats.

Yosemite Sam
Try avoiding the coffee.

start drinking vitamin water or something similar about an hour before your troubled times ... it should give you enough of an energy boost without crashing later (unlike energy/power drinks)

drinking coffee can cause you to crash after the effects of the caffine have worn off. maybe less caffinee

Julie W
Sounds like that is just your body's natural rhythm. I work out in the mornings, too, and have this occur, but not to quite the same extent. Have you tried eating a lighter lunch? It may be what is called lunch coma. The blood in your body is all going to your stomach to help with digestion. Try eating just half your your lunch at noon, and then the rest at around 3:30 or 4:00. This works for me.

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