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Which is better to drink health wise?
Is it better to drink 100% apple juice that has 140 calories or a Diet Coke that has 0 Calories. Because latley ive been drinking alot of water and apple juice when i used to just drink Diet Cokes.

Diet coke has splenda. I hear that does damage to liver and causes nasty things to happen...gross.

I'd say stick with the apple juice and be natural. Thats the way your meant to go anyways.

Philly G
probably the diet coke since its a low GI food. but if i were you i'd switch to water.

The only safe drink is pure water. Natural apple juice helps in restoring the calories lost bu7t a diet coke is a synthetic drink helping you in any way!!!

i don't know maybe look it up and u will find the answwer or call a doctor

Beach Girl
All juices add calories. It doesn't mean you can't drink them, it just means you need to factor them in to your caloric intake for the day

Soda is just not healthy for you, even if it is diet w/ zero calories.

Water is best, try adding lime. most people add lemon, which is good too, but I like to add a slice of lime. mmmmmmmmmmmm

Drink the water and the juice for your health. Cola has no use other than maybe taste. Cola has Nothing good for the body at all. Juice has many vitamins. Apple juice has iron too.

♥Caribbean American Princess♥
Apple juice because it's more natural. Soda can root your teeth and it can ruin your kidneys. My friend had to learn the hard way. She used to drink soda almost everyday and she had to get kidney surgery. Be careful, if you're going to drink soda drink occasionally.

Apple juice and water are healthier than soda, because they can keep you from getting dehydrated. If you don't want the extra calories, then just have water or low-calorie juices.

Stick to just water

Probably the apple juice. The Diet Coke may have fewer calories, but there is little to no nutritional value. Water is probably your best bet.

No soda is good for you ,stay away from it! If plain water is not to your liking then mix half 100% juice with half water. It's the sugar in the juice that gives you 140 calories. You cut your calories in half and the juice isn't so sweet but still taste good.

The latest consumer reports ranked juice just below soda followed by diet soda. Water is best. I think all the empty calories is the problem with juice. If you are trying to lose weight or at least not gain weight, water is best. Coffee wasn't that bad either.

Apple juice is natural and even Diet coke has splenda and other ingredients that are unhealthy even though it has no caleries. Stick to 100% apples juice

Generally, apple juice is better unless you're a diabetic and need to monitor sugar intake. Diet drinks often contain chemicals that, despite FDA approval, have been shown to have undesirable effects (think Olestra in the Wow! chips), and juices tend to have other benefits as well, such as micronutrient content.

go for the water, The apple juice probably has alot of sugar and the soda is terrible for your teeth.


then the juice if you must

last the coke, just do some research on aspartame...

Apple juice& water is good for you and when your in the mood for a coke just do a regular one cause the artificial sweeteners are bad for you.Good luck!

i guess gatoraid or poweraid is the best . next to water

Joe Stephens
Apple juice (and all other juices) are loaded with sugar. The sugar is why the juice has so many calories. If you must drink juice, I would recommend diluting it with 50% water. If you are looking for the nutrients of the juice, you will get much more by just eating an apple (or orange, kiwi, banana, etc.).

Diet Coke has no calories, but does contain artificial sweeteners (chemicals). These are probably only bad for you if you drink too much Diet Coke. Try to not drink more than one Diet Coke/day at the very most.

When it comes to assessing the nutrition of a beverage, you should take into consideration these factors:
1. Calories (sugars)
2. Carbs (also sugars)
3. Chemicals (caffeine or splenda)

Hope this is helpful!

Swapan, The Dream
Water of course is best.
For a change of test Apple juice is better. It also gives you some nutrition and vitamins.
Diet coke gives you nothing but a temporary feeling and most of your hard earned money goes to some celebrities Bank account and also will give you few deceases as bonus.

Kiki Joy
apple juice is better than cola but water is the best

Suzette A
If you limit yourself to 1 or 2 apple juice 8 oz serving per day and include 8 - 8 oz servings of water you will be MUCH better off healthwise than the Diet Cokes.

water and apple juice is way better for you than any soda (even if it's diet). soda rots your teeth.

for me the better drink must be water because for teenagers there is a common problems of having pimples and drinking water is the best way to get relief from pimples

apple juice. diet coke has all those fake sweetners in them that will give you cancer. just dont go too heavy on the juice, too much sugars and not enough water will give you kidney stones.

blueberry yum yum!
drink abotu two glasses of applejuice to get the nutrition out of it but anymore than that then you are getting a lot of liquid calories.. drink water or diet coke in the mean time

Drop the diet coke, and regular coke. One is no better than the other. Drink them only occasionally, and socially. Never drink them at home, they are addictive and keep you from drinking the stuff your body needs....water.

It is best to drink a full glass first thing in the morning and keep drinking all day. My secret is to save the individual pop or juice bottles from your former life and fill them with water and refrigerate. I like ice cold water better than room temp, so I drink more that way. A little lemon or lime added is a treat.

Also, doesn't anybody drink iced tea anymore. Tea is so good for you with antioxidents, and is tasty without any sugar. Again, a little lemon or lime makes it special. I make it in a gallon glass jar with 6 tea (green or black) bags and let it sit in the sun all day. It will give you the same kind of caffeine perk that coke gives you but it is good for you. You might get hooked.

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