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shetty b g
When should one drink water? before, during or after meal?

It is claimed that if you drink a glass of water before eating, you will eat less. I like to drink mine while I eat. Don't believe it makes any differences when you drink your water.

1 hr before meal,1hr after meal and some sips during meal.

actually when u r thirsty.

coldest snow
A little before & rest after.

Kabir has said in his couplet to drink water before meal.

There is a reason for it, it fills you up, so you do not over eat.

It is considered most healthy.

There is no rule for drinking water. But to reduce the amount you eat drink water before each meal and after a meal. There is no adverse effect of drinking water during meals also.

Lidia V
After meal better to drink water, it's usefull for processing the food inside of u.

Whenever u feel Thirsty.

It's a scientific fact that drinking water before meal is good for health, whereas during meal, water drinking should be avoided. After having meal, water drinking puts a burden on stomach.

As in Islam it's a very famous HADITH:

Water, before meal is Gold,
Water, during meal is Silver, and,
Water, after meal is Iron.

Alamelu P S
Oh, it is just about diluting the digestive juices, when we drink water very close to or during meals.
So, it is ok to drink before 30 minutes, or 45 minutes after food, to ensure peak performance by digestion system, its secreted juices etc. Once in a way it is ok to drink water in between, but as a matter of habit, it is not very useful.
Again, some kinds of food make us thirsty, like dosas, dry chappatis (without fluid like side-dish), so it is ok to drink a little of water even during food. But it is very safe to keep a glass of drinking water nearby during meals to reach for it in case of choking feeling at throat during gulp, some spicy food that may cause hiccoughs etc.

spiritual healer
Before or after meals.

not half n hour b4 nythin

for better digestion

ram_mohan r
Before meal

shailendra s
During the meal

all of the above

ravi t
if u r on the healthier side and want to decrease calorie(food) intake then go in for water during the meal.
it keeps u full
if u r wanting to clear ur "passages" then go for water after the meal..
before meal water is not adviced

Liz G
Better to drink AFTER your meal. If you drink during you will become bloated and produce more gas in the stomach.

It's great to drink a warm glass of water with a slice of lemon first thing in the morning...it acts like a detox for the body!

All the best!

genius designated
one should drink water after following criteria is fullfilled
1. if ur thirsty
2. if water availble for drink is suitable for drink
3.if u r not moving so fast using anysort of automobile and road is not bumpy

drinking water during and after meals will dilute the digestive juices in our stomach... we should drink water half an hour before or after the meals...

Jeevan Kumar Mittal, 1956
I avoid water before, during and after meals. If I am taking food at 1200 hrs., I avoid water between 11 - 1 p.m.

mtejasaa zote
one and a half hours after eating to allow the enzymes and stomach secretions complete their work otherwise you dilute their concentration and render them less effective....dig-it ?
also,you can take half a glass 43 minutes before meals to create the field -of play : for food !!

Rosie Young
2 hours before or after, according to doctors.
Personally I can't eat if I don't drink at the same time so I don't obey that.
The theory is, if you drink just before, during or just after eating, you are diluting the digestive juices, making it harder for your body to digest the food. If you chew your food thoroughly (which very few people do) and avoid beverages with food you'll have better and smoother digestion.
Also never eat fruit last. Always eat fruit first or separately from a meal. Fruit eaten last sits on top of your stomach contents and ferments.

there is no such rule. do as u wish, makes no difference to your system.

Drinking water before meal is best for health but must be half n hour before. you can also drink water after meal but after half n hour or one hour after meal would be better, but you should avoid drinking water during meal because it causes digestion problems.

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