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Doctor Biobrain
When is the best time to take a multivitamin?
Is it best to take them shortly before eating, shortly after eating, or an hour or longer after eating? Is it better after a small lunch or a big dinner? Or does it matter at all? Explain.

Take them with meals twice a day. Click here for an excellent multivitamin you can take twice daily:


Silence Dogood
once every 24 hours

Usually in the morning, with food, and not with tea or coffee.

The best time to take a multivitamin is in the morning with breakfast. This will help to absorb the multivitamin, and will get you off to a great start. Breakfast is our most important meal.

Samantha D
You eat them with your biggest meal of the day..so like dinner....and you take it with water because other drinks could change the effect or something.

Itsy Bitsy Spider
if you dont eat anything with it it wont absorb into your system with the digesting food. so you could take it without anything but you wont get ALL the vitamin. i take mine WITH breakfast that way i dont have to remember to do it later in the day. a remember take it with a whole glass of water.

morning after breakfast, the food helps absorb the vitamins into your blood stream

I'm not sure if it matters, just don't take it on an empty stomach. If you are like me, you'll become nauseous.

in the morning with your breakfast. Drink a full glass of water when you do it. Its ment to give you energy but if you take it to late, you will be up for a while and wont be able to sleep. i know from experience.

Vitamins in the morning....Minerals at night !!

Richard H
check the directions on the bottle...some of them say to take with food, others, just after eating.

No idea when it's best. I take mine before I fall asleep at night. It is probably best to take on before breakfast.

Ms Curious88
Vitamins in morning with breakfast

John A
I think that shortly after you eat you should take your vitamins. That way you are woke up and have your juices flowing(so to speak). You have got a little something on your stomach.

I think shortly after eating.

vitamins are isolated out of foods that contain other elements needed to be able to absorb and utilized them. basically, they are a drug in this sense. i personally don't recommend taking them at all, but i guess if you are going to do it the best way would be with food.

Evan C
I would suggest at night due to multi vitamins making some people sick. take them right before bed and your body has plenty of time to metabolize them.

It is better to take before you eat breakfast. It will absorb better on an empty stomach.

I take a everyday vitamin, when ever at any time of the day makes no difference to me.

I take mine before I go to sleep so that it does not up set my tummy. Tried all times of day. With meals with out meals nothing worked. BUt before I go to sleep always does the trick

In the morning with your breakfast.

r d
I always take mine with breakfast, I think it digests faster than before night time.

Patricia K
Always take the multivitamin WITH your most substantial meal, when you are eating healthy foods, not junk foods. Vitamins and minerals need to work with natural foods. And drink a full glass of water.

some people take them w/a meal so that it wont upset their stomach. Also if u take vitamins make sure they are in capsules because they are broken down. not the hard ones because it is hard for your digestive system to break it down U can crush them 4 them to work if not, ur digestive system will not break it down completely so it does absorb the vitamins. and u basically end up doing nothing. take them as recommended. everyone knows, u take small meals, portioned controlled.

Michael K
Eat them all the time at all hours of the day. There is no way you can overdose. All that will happen is that you will become extremely healthy and probably prett buff.

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