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What should I do when I'm hungry late at night?
I've read several times to stop eating 3-4 hours before going to bed. I started working a second job in the evening as seaonal help for extra cash. I eat dinner around 5pm, go to work and get off at 11pm. When I get home at 11:15pm, I'm so hungry! I need to go to bed right away to get up in the morning for my regular job. What can I eat this late at night right before going to bed? I tried drinking a lot of water, but then I keep waking up having to go to the bathroom. I tried doing nothing and going straight to bed, but then I'm tossing and turning because I'm hungry. Any suggestions?

I would have dinner a bit l8r, if you can do that cuz then u won't b so hungry when u come bk from wrk bt if ur still hungry then have something light not 2 heavy.


then just eat! dont eat big portions tho

Anything you want expect water. don't drink water at nite. it will make you fat.

Marty K
Maybe just a real tiny amount of some leftovers. If you just take a few bites, it could work.

Sara Beth
Try a serving of fruits or veggies... they are actually very filling. Good luck

Eat dinner a little later and try some tough love on yourself. You have to remind yourself how much you will love your smoother flatter tummy in the morning and promise yourself a little treat for breakfast

try a glass of milk instead of water. it usually fills me up.

Is it possible to have a snack at work around 8:00 pm? try that and see if that helps.. other wise have a light snack when you get home, like an apple or celery or a yogurt. Im sure its not gonna hurt you any. Its healthier than going to bed hungry.

Just eat who say you cannot eat just before you go to bed, even when you wake up late just eat because your body tell you to eat

how about an apple or something like that

If you want to be technical about it, you can monitor your calorie intake. As long as you are on the minus side of the ledger when you get off work, you can have a healthy snack and not worry about it too much.

Try a piece of fruit or some instant oat meal or maybe whole grain toast with preserves. Eat just enough to kick the hunger and make sure it's a healthy snack. I would still drink some water before bed, just don't bulk up on it.

drink water or cereals but not a lot

Same thing happened to me, so I would make myself some sandwiches or go out to eat something. Turns out, if you eat late at night, since youre not exercising or really doing anything, the metabolism will go slower. Hence, I got fat. I lost that weight, and now when that happens, i get some SlimFast shakes and drink them. They aren't fattening, take away your hunger, and you can find them in any Walgreens or Walmart, {etc}.

good luck!

drink or eat fruits.

Eat an apple or a banana and have a few sips of water. If that doesn't help, have a glass of warm milk (1% fat and not higher) to drink with some flavoring of your choice with no sugar.

Angela D
Try having a snack around 9pm. This may hold you over until morning.
If that isn't an option, have some raw carrots or 94% fat free popcorn. Both of these have very few calories in them, which shouldn't cause much of a problem with weight gain.

has no name
protein or veggies. Nothing else.

That is a problem. Eating before bed will add weight gain. Your body is in an active mode and your bodyy is craving something. I would eat a healthy snack like fruit or vegitables, just to make that hunger go away. Nothing heavy. That way you take care of that problem and won't gain weight in the process. Don't eat anything to fillyou up, then you'll be up for a while. Is there maybe a snack you can bring to work to like munch on while at work or when you leave to go home? This way you've gotten that part out of the way and then you have time to get ready for bead and wind down. Hope this helps.

Mrs.♥ Krasinski
I would definitely pack a sandwich or something and eat it on a break, I work full time and I waitress a couple nights a week and I go through the same thing when I get home...but I refuse to eat passed 9 oclock, I usually make a sandwich to eat later in the evening, some crackers or a protein bar....

It is tough after working NOT to grab a bit to eat before going to bed. I had the very same problem when I worked late. I would have a glass of milk with a snack of some sort. The milk seemed to calm me down and fill me up with the snack I ate. There are those 100 calorie packages of cookies and the sort, and they really do the trick. Try that and good luck to you!

bring something with you to eat at work.

Eat some soup. It's warm and good for you. Stay away from sweets or sugar items.

eat some fruit or a salad

Only eat protein and veggies that late at night. Those are the only things that won't convert to sugar and get stored as fat. If you eat carbs, you'll put on weight right away.

pack some nutritional bars in your purse and nibble on break

misz cami
something low calorie like veggies or fruit (which sounds boring... but they are light). yogurt sounds good too. maybe a glass of hot chocolate. it might crave your sweet tooth and its more filling than water. whole wheat toast with butter or a thin slice of low-fat cheese.

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