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What should I do after eating a big meal when I feel extremely full? Do I exercise or just sit? suggestions??
I hear if you sit after a big meal, all the fat will go to your bottom, is that true?

Queen Of All Games
sit up straight so your body can digest the food if you start to exercize you will most likely throw up

You are not fooling anyone. You haven't exercised a day in your life. Why try to be anything but what you are? Who the heck even sits and thinks about this stuff? What should I do when I am extremely full? Oh, I don't know, maybe you should take a quick breather and then head back to the table and finish what you've started. Gourge yourself with whatever left overs remain and then wash them down with a glass of pudding. After that, you will probably want to get back to watching American Gladiators.

How about you put the fork down and not eat so much?

chelsea B
You shouldn't eat until your really full, you should eat until your not hungry but not stuffed. I know if it were me i'd go do some lite exercise because most of the time after i exercise i have to have a BM and after a BM i always feel better,lol.

I know this is TMI but it helps me

go for a walk. Get the digestion going and you will feel better. If you sit you will get even more sluggish.
The best thing is to not eat so much that you get that full in the first place. Eating less is healthy, even to the point of fasting occasionally. Look up fasting on the web and see how many good things happen to your body when you do it.

no name
sit on your knees it's supposed to help.... good luck!!

LOL dont belive everything u hear no it sno ttrue at all ... if ur too full all the time after eating try eating less and if u wanna excersie i sugest u do it about half hour after u eat

Take a short walk. It will aid your digestion.

walk for a bit, and rememeber exactly how you feel for the nextt time you eat so much, maybe if you remember how bad you felt it wont happen again, no thats not true, it will distribute throughout yourbody, no one place in particular

hey whats up ladys?
you should sit down and not be active for 30-45minutes....so u can let the food go down to ur stomac safely with out u needing to throw up.it may cause u a disese if u eat alot and then u be active.

Let your food go down.
Then like go for a walk.

WALK. Walking will help your digestion and help burn calories at the same time. Instead of eating the entire plate, you may want to try half now/half later. You won't feel extremely full and you'll lose weight if you are interested in that.

Tx Guy
i would say go for a walk.

No not true. You need to relax for about an hour afterward. Blood rushes from the rest of your body to your stomach to aid the digestion process. If you are moving around then blood is being diverted from your stomach to your muscles. Digestion is prolonged. If you wash down your meal with a drink you dilute the stomach acid and cause it to lose its ability to break the food particles down as fast. However, your body uses and stores food where it can. It picks certain places like stomach and thighs and face first. After digestion, you can work out.

I sit and watch TV- It does not go to your butt, that's scientifically impossible.
Won't do you any harm to get a bit of exercise later on anyway.

Malloryy M
you should sit for 30min to an hour THEN exersize. so you dont barf all over the place and your food digests.

Take a walk at the fresh air. Verdauungsspaziergang (digestion stroll) like we say in Germany.

Santa's Elf Mystica
No but you could sit for a while then you can exercise later if you think it will it's your choice. I've been working on my ab's but not lately I have to start doing that again.

Bob J
lol just relax. if you exercise your likely to chuck. and that makes a good meal seem wasted. wait at least an hour before exercising.

life sux
w8 a while, like 30min, then go off 4 a walk, then go 4 a jog...

Enigma s
I take a great big poo. That really helps free up some space.

Mikey Staten
Colon cleaners

take a dump

if you exercise, you will probably throw up

Walk it off.

Go out for a brisk walk. It will help settle the food into your stomach and burn off calories.

Tiffany S
It will actually go all over you. I would throw up!

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