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Neecie Boo
What is the normal clothes size for 17 year old girl?
I'm on a diet to change my habits. My goal weight is to be at least 126 or 116. I would like to get an outfit that will give me motivation to keep going but I have no idea what size a normal teen wears so can you help...

What's ur dress size, jean size, shirt size, and what size bikini do u wear so I can get an idea.
Additional Details
My height is 5'3. I weigh 189. I know too much!!!

jean size: 0
Shirt Size: usually small
Bikini: small

but i'm pretty skinny so... yea

Rebecca M
There's no "Normal" size.... depends on your height. dont go too drastic though. start out with small goals.like maybe one or two sizes at a time.

I was a size 8 at 17 and happy as can be about it. I'm now a 10 four years later and would love to look like I did at 17. I had curves, but the good kind of curves.

There is no normal size. You should only worry about your clothes size if you become so fat that it is dangerous for your health

honestly it doesn't matter what size it is, as long as it feels right on you. normal teenage girls are different sizes, so there really isn't a right or wrong answer here.

It depends on how tall you are? I don't think this is a very good idea!!!! Just take a fat picture youself and hang it on the fridge. That's enough motivation.

Tammi S
size 10 may b

Well im 16 but i wear a 5 or a 7.

that depends on how tall you are though.

I'm 5'4 and I wore size 2 or small in high school

the answer would vary. it depends on your height, and how big your "assets" are that determines what size bikini you wear.

im 17 also.
i wear medium sized dresses.
3-5 jeans.
and usually small and medium shirts. but it depends if the shirts run small or large..
and the bikini, like i said, it depends.

the recommended weight for me, by my doctor, being 5'5, is 120 at least. if you are around my height i would recommend staying around that weight.

i hope i helped :]

shOes aRe mY tHinG;;*♥
Omg we have the same name girlfrienddd! x♥

And the normal size is about an 8 x

I'm size 8/10 in everything. i'm 16

Gangsta Mac = )
well... im 16. i wear size 4 jeans, medium shirt, medium bikini.. and i don't wear dresses so i cant help ya with that one! hopefully that helps a little... you don't need to be 126 or 116 though. you just need to be healthy, i weigh more than that but im still in shape!

Leilani B
I'm 15, dress size 4, jean size 3, shirt size small or medium, bikini size large

im 5'3" so pretty short...lol

im a size mind so i know how you feel and im sixteen but i think the pants size you shoùld be is like seven and about one twenty five or one thirty at the most

dress size 4, jean size 2, shirt size 6, my bikini is a size small on the bottom and medium on top. I'm 5'6'' and 114 lbs but I workout on a regular basis and always eat healthy (which I don' think most teenagers do, so don't feel like you should be my size because most people tell me I'm too tiny) .

Well, I'm 16 so theres not a huge age difference

but it really depends on your height...

you could be 4'9" weighing 130. or you could be 6'0" weighing 130. big difference.

Im about 5'6 and i weight almost 120.

my jean size is around a 6? loosely fitting
shirt size is a medium

Need more info. How tall are you and such, I'm 5'4 and way 114 and wear a size 2. Just find something cute and realistic for your goal.

there is no normal size for a 17 year old girl. that depends on your body's build, natural shape, height, ect....you cant determine your weight loss goals based on some random person's pant size. all you can do is go to your doctor and ask what a healthy weight for you would be. it doesnt matter how big or small any of us are.

I am 17 and depending on the brand I can wear a 0-5, so no telling whats normal. i am considered to be very attractive and i don't go by sizes i go by measurements. perfect is supposedly 36(bust )26(waist)and 36(but).

It doesnt matter what other people where. Its your size not theirs. Your not supposed to be any size your supposed to be YOUR size. Just go try some stuff on and see what fits best. And remember your beautiful no matter what size you are.

First of all, we'd need your height really to determine what size would be "normal" for you. At 17 I was between a 6 and 8 ... but if you want to know what they consider "normal" weight for your height, google it and they have charts that show you .. Second of all, that is not a good way to get motivated to lose weight, it'll just get you down even more when you don't see results right away. Exercise and diet, the key to losing weight and getting fit.

There isnt really a "normal" size. This all depends on a lot of things..like your bust size, hips..etc. Not everyone wears a normal size 7. I wouldnt base your outlook on yourself on what everyone else is wearing, but how HEALTHY you are and what your physician says is normal for you. GOOD LUCK!

I would want to do that too, ive gained weight recently..how are you losing weight? Im also 17 and weigh 140. All my friends are tiny (even though im not huge) but i can like barely fit into a size 8 now.

LP's Mommy
When i was 17 i was:

Size 8 jeans
Size 8 dress
Small or meduim shirt
small bikini top and meduim bottoms.

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