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What is the ideal weight for a 5 ft. 1in. 17 year old, almost 18 year old, girl?
I just weighed myself tonight, 1/7/2008, and I weigh 92 pounds. However it does fluctuate... sometimes it's above 100 or it goes back down. And I think I am done growing.. I've grown like an inch in the past 2 years.
Additional Details
I'm not Asian. I'm White.
I do have a small bone frame. I am petite.
I eat all the time... I love food. I eat more junk food then healthy food.

Chris F
I like em between 100 and 115...If they're attractive, then perhaps i could go as high as 125 or 130.

you should probably weigh somewhere in the 100's, but not more than 105. search for a BMI (body-mass index) on google, that will tell you.

your alright men do like women with j lo's and busts not bones

Taylor C
My Recommendation: Eat a Lot of Fatty Foods.

Your ideal weight is 99 pounds. It sounds like you could do to gain a few, but you're not seriously underweight so don't sweat. Literally (It burns off fat).

brandon p
i have no clue but you sound asian lol, but seriously you sound fine

Quit That! You are just bragging. You sound great!

Mommy to a prince and a peanut!!
Your weight is fine.

You're fat. I'm just kidding. You could look online at a health site. I would think the info would be pretty easy to find.

erin electric
I don't really know. I am 13 4'11 and weigh 79 pounds. Just have a healthy diet and excercise, and whatever your bodies natural weight is, will show through. But right now, you sound like a perfect weight, trust me. And a lot of people on here will tell you to gain weight, but as long as your not anorexic (which your probably not) then dont listen to them. People always do that on here, there like " gain weight anorexia" and stuff just dont worry about it. Go to google and type in BMI that have BMI's (body mass indicators) and you type in your, age, height and weight. And it will tell you the ideal weight for someone your age and height. But if it says your are over or under weight dont worry about it because like I said earlier as long and you are eating healthy and you are active then you are normal.

Yes, at 17 you're probably as tall as you're going to be. As for your weight, the rule used to be (before we knew about BMIs) that a girl or woman five feet tall with a medium frame should weigh 100 pounds and add five pounds for every additional inch, plus five more for a large frame--and subtract five for a small one. So by that criterion you should weigh around 105. You're probably doing fine right now and will fill out a little over the next few years.

you probably have high matabolism. took me a whole year to go from 97 to 108 pounds. weight train helps build muscle which tones and weighs more than fat. eat more than three meals a day...eat alot of protein. idea weight you probably should be above 105-ish?

Shelby A
well, im 5 feet but im only 13! and i weigh 93lbs.

Class of '08
well (dont laugh please) im 14 and im 5'3 and i weigh 105. So i think ur fine

ur underweight

: )
Between 97lb and 130lb depending on frame size. You are definitely underweight if you only weigh 92lb.

you seem pretty average, no worries. for your height you weigh an appropriate amount. you may be done growing but girls keep growing until around age 21. don't stress over it. :)

The charts say anywhere from 105-122

Almost every weight chart shows different ranges of weights

Various types of weight charts are available online which are calculated differently for men, women and for children as well. But what I think is that they are all useless. Because they only ask age, height and weight and then they calculate the ideal weight one should have without noticing any other factor.

Same goes for BMI calculator it also looks at weight and height as there are other factors which plays important part in your weight like body frame, body muscles, and bone structure and so on. But all such charts calculate the weight by correlating these three variables (height, weight and age). If you are 145 pound and you have a big frame and u look cool than that’s good for you. You don’t need to be conscious about your wait. So weight rages that are described in different charts are just to create awareness nothing else. If you go according to these charts then you will either end up with obesity or under weight as I told you it all depends upon person’s to person’s body structure.

Muscles have more weight than body fat and some people are thin and have muscular body but these factors are not considered by any chart so weight charts are useless. Numbers don’t count all what count is how you look. If you are really concern with numbers then go to your doctor. He will guide you properly by taking each every factor in to his account.

I got this from a site I looked up:

Ideal Weight Calculation:

According to your height of 5' 1" your ideal healthy weight is 118 pounds. Your recommended weight range is between 105 and 132 pounds.

Lovin' My Hubby
It depends on your frame size....if you have a little frame then 90-100 lbs is not drastically underweight....about 105 is probably an ideal weight for you....if you have a larger frame you could even weigh 115 and still be healthy....try this website...

there's not ideal weight, since girls have different bodytypes...

But, right now, you sound a bit underweight, but it's totally possible you're small-boned/very petite.

I think the best suitable weight is the weight which can keep you fit . Health is the most important. So take it easy, everything will be OK.

i'm 4'11 and my doctor told me 100-110 is ideal so it can't be too different for you. i'll be 20 this year but until i turned 18 i stayed in the 90 range

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