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 Im 22 240lbs @ 5'8" and putting my self on a 1000calorie diet. Any thoughts comments suggestions advice

Additional Details
Im a dude and i want to get to about 160...

 Please help, I am not able to concentrate in class for more than one hour?
I tend to sleep after I strain myself, everytime. Does it happen to you also?
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 Does situps make a differance?
i am 14 years old and do have a big stomach. will doing 100 situps every day make a differance and how long until i burn off fat if i carry on with 100 situps a day??...

 Im 13 and i weigh 120 pounds and im 5'2. is that healthy?
I have a pretty face and all but i feel that i am a little over weight. and if im not healthy i want to loose15 pounds
please help me!!!
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It's not like i dont ...

 Im 37 years old male 5`9 240 pounds big belly, it is posible for me to get in shape?

 How to put weight on?
i am quit small and i would like to put weight on but i dont no how, can some one please help me....

 What is a good age for starting to use weights?
My son is 10 and large frame, he looks about 14. He is desperate for weights, is he too young?...

 What should i eat to gain weight?
i'm 17yrs old & REALLY skinny, i eat a lot but i don't seem to gain weight. what should i eat to be thicker and curvy?...

 How fat am I?[PICTURES!!!]?
like on a scale of 1-10?
Kayy so I'm 14 1/2. I'm 5'6 and weigh about 140 pounds. I get a decent amount of excercise; I horseback ride [english/jumping] once a week, and I play ...

 I'm 5'3 and 145 pounds. Is that overweight?
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 Will i lose weight if i eat 1x a day?
im not anerexic but im trying to lose weight before my wedding in ...

 You say that 2 get a flat tummy i must drink lots of water but i don't like the taste so could i just drink te
it's really hard for me to tolerate the tast of water. my tongue demands some flavor so i usually drink juice and sodas, but i still need to flatten my tummy. so could tea as replacement work?...

 Look at my picture. Should I lose weight?
Alright, everyone. I'm not trying to win a Mrs. America contest. I just want honest opinions. Do I look fat or chubby?


 Am I fat????!!!?
I am almost 14 years old, about 5,3 and 143 pounds. Do I look like I weigh that?? How much does it look like i weigh?? Am I fat? how fat?? whats the fattest part of my body?? what exercises should i ...

 (UKonly) How can I incorporate "five fruit and veg a day" in my daily food intake?
I'm not a great lover of veg and the interesting fruit are too expensive. Salad is also a chore. Help....

 What is a good breakfast to eat when you are trying to lose weight and you don't really have a lot of time?
I am trying to lose weight and one of my biggest problems is that I tend to skip breakfast. I want to fix this problem, but I really don't have much time in the morning. I already get up at 5:0...

 I sweat between my fat rolls, anything to help it?
i have pretty good rolls on my belly, and they get all sweaty, and it feels wierd i try to keep them open, but the fat is to heavy, and squishy, and keeps falling out of my hands, anything to help ...

 How do bread make people gain weight?

 Is drinking a sprite better for you if you are trying to lose weight rather than a coca cola?

 How many calories do u eat on average a day?( people(teenagers)who are just mantaining their weight)?
JUST WONDERING HOW MANY CALORIES NORMAL PEOPLE EAT AND WHAT kinda foods and how u know whether u have a good matablism . im 15 , 97 pounds and am 5-4. what do other 15 year olds eat xxx

christopher t
What is the best foods to eat when on a strict diet?
how to cook it AND WHAT TO USE???

Kailah D
fruits and vegetables u could also use jenny craig

Great post! I totally understand how you feel. I'm also trying to lose weight and I found this great product which is working for me (it's all 100% natural). You can check the website at
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Dustin O
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Mathew T
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It depends on the diet, I heard going on a vegan diet can help lose alot of weight

alexandra m
lean meats
lean cuisine?
salads with low fat/fat free dressing

Gregory M
I'm trying to lose weight too and it's sooo hard. My aunt is using a weight loss product and it's really working for her (100% natural). I'm gonna try it and I recommend you try it too. Check their website at
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Papa Galuche
first, you want to eat the basic food, not complex, like whole wheat bread, low fat milk or calcium foods, whole wheat pasta, unsalted butter, stuff like that. Not the complex foods like Weight Watchers low fat marinated steak with a hint of cilantro. To cook them, use oil instead of butter (canola or safflower). Use less salt and more herbs like parsley and stuff (for nutrients). Hope this is helpful!

Martin V
I came across this great product for weight loss (all nautral) and it was excellent for me. Together with a good diet and exercise I am finally happy with my body and the way I look. You should check this product at
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I love salad.

You don't say what diet so we can't really answer your question. Diets have many purposes.

If you're just looking for a generally decent weight loss diet, check out South Beach diet.

If you're just looking for good nutrition, pick up a fairly new college text book on Nutrition Basics. A very good book for this is a Cooking class book called Techniques of Healthy Cooking - a Culinary Institute of America book. It has excellent content on nutrition and what you're body needs to be healthy.


i found the best diet was no pasta,potatoes,rice, bread,and just eat salads with grilled fish and chicken, although i had a friend who fasted every weekend to keep her weight down


Alexis D
almonds, nuts, celery, drink ONLY water. not milk or anything.

pandy lynn
depends if it's for allergic reactions to foods, to control blood sugar, etc--depends what it's for...

You now I try to get most of my carbs from veggies. I really onl,y eat starchy and complex carbs 1 to 2 hours after working out.

One of my favorite meals to eat consists of lean protein, veggies, and a nice portion of healthy fat.

It is Quinoa chicken. I steam 2 cups of spinach, dice 1 - 6 oz chicken breast and mix in some boiled quinoa and spinkle on some lemon juice. This is a great meal.

Spinach is probably the best food anyone can eat. It has tremendous amounts of micronutrients, and taste great with a plethora of foods.

Winter Glory
soup is great when you're on a diet, also fruits and veggies and plenty of water.

Michael O
steamed veggies

Raw Veggies and Fruits - Not juices.

Get raw meat/poultry/fish from the butcher and cook it. No processed garbage.

Do ALL of your own cooking and use fresh herbs.

Use Sea Salt instead of Table Salt.

Use a lot of garlic and lemon in your cooking.

Use Butter (Sweet Cream and Salt) - NEVER use anything else... No marg/spread crap.... Just pure butter.

lean red meat, bbq'd

Bruce B
u should cook with coconut oil and u should eat steamed vegis

chicken just cook in the oven for one hour .


Depends on what kind of diet...

strict junk food diet?

potatoe chips all the way.

Music Man
......Diet's don't work, Weight Watchers Does....

crafts and things
surely the "diet" came with a list of foods that are allowed, use that.

What kind of diet? You should really be changing your lifestyle and ways of eating, diets don't usually work. Lots of fresh stuff, think of foods that were around 300+ more years ago. These are the foods we are programmed to eat, digest and live off of. Not the partially hydrogenated crap. Anything at Whole Foods is considered healthy, for the most part.
If you want to loose weight, count calories, NOT FAT!! Fat does not make you fat. Carbs, calories and sugars when built up produce extra weight. We need to eat cheese, milks, etc which all have some fats.
Cook with olive oil, if you can. It's the healthiest of them all
And, of course, BURN more calories than you are CONSUMING!. If you consume 2000 calories in the day and you have only burned 1000 (sitting all day long), you are storing 1000 calories per day. That can add up to 2-3 pounds per week.
Make sure you are taking vitamins if you are reducing your caloric intake, we all need vital vitamins and minerals and you may not be able to get the rec'd dosage out of your diet.
Stick with 1200-1500 calories a day.

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