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What happens when you eat too much fruit?
would you gain weight?

you turn orange

no. you'd just get weird health problems.


Eric V
nope, you would gain water weight

Yes. Once you eat all that you need daily it is stored as fat, and released in waste.

the same thing that will happen if you eat too much of anything. probably with a little more doodoo though.

isn't that good for you?

um uh get healthy?

i heard for guys they get boners easier, lol.

but u wont gain the weight as easy b.c the fruit has less claeries and fat

not at all, you will lose weight because its going to take the place of other food you would have been eating

You would probably just get healthy.

No fruits and vegetables are the healthiest things you can eat, along with fish.

no but you'll get the runs!!

it depends on what fruit that you're eating, for instance bananas, pears, and mangoes have a very high quantity of sugar and sugar turns to fat...but generally if you eat too much of anything you will gain weight. Variety and portion control is key.

Ashleigh M
i dont think you would gain weight as fruit is quite good for you but it depends on what you ate and how much you ate of it.

eating too much of one thing can be very bad for you no matter what it is.

eating too much of one thing means your being deprived of the nutrients that come in other things and you end up with too much of one type of vitamin or mineral and not enough of another.

have you ever heard of a man that supposedly died from eating too many carrots?

that doesnt mean carrots are deadly it just illustrates my point that too much of one thing isnt necesserily good for you no matter how healthy it is in moderation.

if you want to lose weight i suggest having a balanced diet with enough fruit and vegetables and protein and everything you need to be healthy.

you can even do it according to a food pyramid which are easy top find all over the net.

eat more of the things in the high moderation levels (like fruit and veg) and less in the low moderation levels (like sugar and meat)

after saying all that eating nothing but fruit for a day or a week probably wont you lose or gain weight and its not going to be a danger to your life but as i said keep a balanace.

Collinsville Cookie
Depending on what fruit is was, you'll probably just be visiting the bathroom quite alot in a day or two, if you know what I mean.

i think that nothing really happens i think you will just get fuller faster

i think it is ok but remember that there is sugar in fruits

Be care full you might have the runs from to much fruit. Try cutting back on all the fruits and add green veggies.

Well in general you'd have intestinal problems. All fruit and not much protein or starch would mean some serious, um, side effects. But if you're eating enough of everything else, you usually can't have too much fruit.

You probably won't gain weight, unless the fruit you eat has a lot of sugar in it, like dried fruit or grapes.

Karlie S
Nothing too bad will happen you will get runny poop if you know what I mean. Fruit is good, just dont eat only fruit.

Prepare to visit the toilet more often,. Actually, I don't think that you will gain weight because you will always be throwing it out.

no but you'll get some wicked diarrhea...not fun

Gecko Juice

*#* Sk8r Chick *#*
loose poop. sorry. diharria

Explode ftw

If you eat too many fruits with Vitamin C in them, you will have diarhea

you will be on the toilet for a while

Emilie B

It depends on what type you ate. You could gain weight (avocados and bananas come to mind), you could become constipated (apples and other fibrous fruit!) or you could have a period of Vitamin C overdose (oranges, citrus,) and have the opposite problem of constipation.

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